Monday, March 22, 2010

vent now pictures later

So i thought i would start on a bad note and end on a good note.  This past week i got a letter in the mail saying my insurance claim was denied for sissys surgury this past december.  ok just breath right?  so i read on some more, you wanna know why it was denied (of course you do).  I was denied because Sissys dr NEVER FAXED OVER HER FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  can you believe that!!  So now i get to take that paper and go up there and get the papers MYSELF and take it to the surgury center so i can get insurance to pay this bill.  I mean give me a break, we have blue cross-blue shield, and LACHIPS.  There is no way we should be owing what the bill says. All the lady had to do was fax some papers over (you know her job) and I wouldnt have to be doing this. 

So onto something fun.  Saturday night was the New Moon party.  We had yummy Italian food, cute decorations, and good friends.  I thought everything went pretty well.  I did hear on sunday one person was complaining but I have learned that there is no way of pleasing everyone.  So to that person sorry you didnt have a good time, maybe next time.  The best part clean-up was a breeze!  I like those kinda parties.

So i'll end on a first.  Sunday was Brooklyns first time to sing up front during sacrament.  She went up very excited to be with everyone in the front.  She even knew some of the song they sang!  She really is growing up isnt she?

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Jessica said...

yuck on the bill. we've had stuff like that happen and usually a few strongly worded calls and such works it all out. good luck.
glad the new moon party went well, and no, you can't please them all :)