Friday, March 12, 2010

up to date

so this week i have been working on counting calories and everyday getting on the treadmill.  so far so good.  i have gain a few lbs but i am hoping it is just leg muscles.  i am hoping it wont take me as long to make a habit of working out everyday since i did do power lifting my body hopefully will remember. 
like the ribbon flower?  Jessie was surfing some blogs and sent me a link on how to make this.  it was kinda easy, didn't take long, and will be super cute on a headband!  the shorts are the old pair of pants with the holes in the knees that no one liked but me.  i cut them off and just sewed bias tape around the bottom.  bam! a cute pair of shorts that aren't going to fry and unravel.  i know i say creative jeanious, you say cheap.  whichever it is i love the shorts.
I finally finished the fabric charts for Laura and can now start to work on the images for my next cake.  somewhere this month i need to find time to make Easter dresses.  sadly i don't think i am going to have time to smock two dressed but i did find a pattern that was the same as this really cute Kelly's kids dress i might copy. 
I guess I should go because I have a lot to do this weekend.  Today I am babysitting for Laura, and we're going to grannys.  I want to also get the house picked up.  Tommorow we are going to deep clean everything and get it ready for Mrs. Murls b-day party here on Sunday.  I can't wait I love parties!!!!


Jessica said...

I hope you guys have a great weekend...that hair bow turned out adorable!

PapaJeff said...


No more holey jeans:). The shorts are very cute (and serviceable).