Friday, September 14, 2012

Sophia started school!

Monday this week as I started to cook supper my phone started to ring.  It was Head Start telling me they now have a spot open for her!  I was so excited and so was she!  We went Tuesday and finalized paperwork and she started Wednesday.  I was a little nervous to see how she would be when I left.  She didn't look back.  She is in Brooklyn's old class with her teacher Mrs. Brown.  I think being in the same familiar surroundings helped a lot.  The staff up there have all been so welcoming and happy to see us back.  I have been asked many times if I am going to run for parent president again, I am.  I did it for Brooklyn, so I want to be as involved with Sophia's school (I am also involved as I can be with B still).  Something different though is I am taking the class and filling out all the paperwork to be a volunteer/sub up there as well!  I'll post some pictures when I have some time.  I am so proud of both of my girls and how well they are growing and developing. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's time for a break

I am taking a little break to catch up on the blog.  I have been super busy the last week and a half.  There has been a hurricane, grocery shopping, cleaning, babysitting, homework, dentist, my birthday, cupcakes for school, painting the front door, painting the bathroom, and taking down the pool.  I am sure there has been a million other things but I am to tired to think of them.  Brooklyn woke up with a bloody nose last night.  She was back asleep in about 30 minutes but it took me almost 2 hours to go back to sleep!  I also had to wash her blankets and everything last night so the blood wouldn't set in.  I am not sure why she gets bloody noses but every couple of months, usually in the middle of the night, she gets one. 
Now you might be wondering about the batman symbol.  Sophia's birthday is in a couple of weeks and she has decided she wants a superhero batman birthday!  At first I was not to fond of that, but how many batman parties am I going to get to do with having two girls!  She has loved the invites that I have made so far!  At her party the kids are going to each get their own cape to decorate, and cookies to decorate.  I am still trying to decide on if I am going to do any games or not.  She also started back speech today.  She will be in a group with two other little boys.  She loved having them in there.  She is really growing into her own unique personality!