Monday, May 31, 2010

Gulf Shores Wednesday and Tuesday

So Tuesday started out by us loading up our dirty laundry to take to a laundry mat.  We were suposed to have a laundry mat in the hotel but NONE if the things were working.  So we loaded up and went into Foley until we found somewhere that didn't look ghetto.  We ended up at a really nice one.  Doing the laundry was okay there.  The kids and Trent got a little restless but it got done then more adventures at the Tanger.  When we got back to the hotel we had nap/quiet time.  After that it was starting to rain so we just played in the hotel (which lost power if the wind blew to hard.  We had a good time just hanging out and playing.  We ended up eating supper then going to cold stone.  YUMMY!!!
So Wednesday we packed up and headed home.  We ate lunch and took some naps.  Then off to Sophia's Dr. appointment.  So guess what.  Her arm is only half way healed!  So technically her arm is considered broken.  He told me to still do nothing for it, come and see him in a month.  O.K. So we'll see at the end of June whats going on with it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our first family vacation day one and two

We decided about two weeks ago to go to Gulf Shores.  So we gathered as much money as we could, made last minute reservations and were off!  Now this was our first ever as a family vacation so Trent had no idea what it was like to travel with kids, well a toddler.  Everyone knows it's ruff.  Lots of crying, and tiredness.  No naps, and a million diapers.  The drive up wasn't to bad but when we got to "the Best (worst) Western On The Beach" our room wasn't ready.  So we decided to run to walmart and get stuff for our lunches.  We ate lunch and breakfast in our room.  I am thinking by doing that we saved at least $80!  We still had time so a baskin robbins stop was in order.  Let me say that was yummy!  I had a blueberry cheese cake that was delicious!  The BR was so cute to.  It had kid sized chair and tables for the girls.  So we went back the the hotel and checked in.  We went up to our room and was greatly disappointed!  Definitely not as advertised.  What sucked the worst was I went to use the laundry room.  It was out of service.  We had to go to a laundry mat!  Anyways Sunday night we went and ate at this place called The Hangout.  The food wasn't great, and it was really expensive.  But there was this awesome fan that was the whole size of the room and out side was a giant sand pit for the kids and live music!  We decided to go swimming after wards.  The hotel had a small pool for the kids that after a few minutes they warmed up to it and had a blast.  We came back to our room and had to figure out sleeping arrangements.  Sophia and I ended up sharing a bed and Trent and Brooklyn bunked up.  Sophia was slightly hard to get to sleep.  We usually puit her in her room and shut the door but you cant really do that in a hotel.  We ALL were asleep by eight! I would say day one was a success.   Monday morning came with a trip out to the tanger in Foley.  More window shopping then anything.  Next time we come (in October) we're budgeting in shopping!  On the way back to the hotel for lunch we stopped by The Track to ride go carts.  Brooklyn was freaking out scared and sis was to short so Trent rode some alone.  I rode this big two story wooden one with Brooklyn.  More she was kicking and screaming she didn't want to but I told her I would buy her a toy.  She Quietly freaked out the whole ride and kept asking when was the ride over!  It was hilarious.  Shes scarred for life, but we got a good laugh.  We left there and went back for lunch and quiet time.  You have to love quiet time.  When it was over we went down to the gulf to play in the sand and watch Trent play in the gulf.  Then more swimming int he pool.  We cleaned up and headed back to Foley to eat at Lamberts.  Yummy.  The best part is the extras they walk around with,  Rolls, mac and cheese, fried potatoes and onions, fried okra, apple butter molasses, and much more!  They also walk around with these little pranks.  One is a rat in a box, there was also a coke pitches that they would pretend to spill.  The weirdest thing there is they accept cash and check only!  Crazy huh?  Then back to the hotel for some much needed sleep!  Day two a success.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

i'm on vacation

not really but i don't have the girls all day today.  Last night Trent and I went to Star Wars Live!  It was awesome.  The music was beyond awesome.  And the coolest part was the guy who played C3PO, Anthony Daniels, was there and was the narrator!  I'm glad we went.  Before the music even started in the hallways were some of the original costumes and props.  Some were very cool and some looked like a toy i would buy the girls from walmart.  We didn't get any pics except on Trent's phone.  They asked no flash photography so we left our big camera at home. 
So before all of that Trent and I packed up the girls and dropped them off al Mrs. Murl's house where they are both going to have a sleep over.  I also got to wear my new outfit last night, including new shoes!  I am not really a shopper so it took me forever to buy something.  So anyways after dropping the girls off we went to pf changs.  It was great being able to eat my food without having to share!
So this morning Trent has left for work and I am planning my kid-free day.  I plan on scrubbing down the house, then running some errands, then maybe taking a nap?  Trent will get the girls after work so they won't be home till 6 or 6:30 or later!  I have all day of no crying or anything.  So I count this as my vacation.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

aunt jessie


Monday, May 17, 2010

11 weeks

For 11 weeks now Trent and I have been a little more consistently working out.  I have officially lost 5 lbs, 159!  1/2lb a week isn't to shabby.  I hope to keep it up and next time I go to my moms I hope to weigh in at 156. 3lbs in six weeks is very doable!

this past weekend

This past weekend we went to natchez and vidalia.  I went up for one of my moms cake classes.  The girls came to stay with my brother.  They had a blast with him.  Sophia is growing so much.  We used to put her in this baby doll stroller and she fit.  not so much any more!  Her 19 month stats were 30 lbs and 33 inches tall!!!!
My sister also flew down for the class.  It was a blast spending time with her!  I seriously count down for when she comes to visit.  I love this lady.
I'm deep in thought!
My mom in action.  There were people from new york and boston and georgia and flordia at this class!  My mom is a super star!  And shes a great teacher.  I loved the class because I got to spent alot of time helping people with the program and everything.  Made me feel important!

Now we're back home and getting ready for vacation.  This wednesday Trent and I are going to a Star Wars musical, so I need a shirt for that.  Next Sunday we are leaving for Gulf Shores.  We'll come back on Wednesday for Sophia's dr appointment.  Friday we'll  leave again for Texas to visit Jeff and Alisa.  It's funny it will take a week to get ready for all this and a week after vacations to settle back in.  It's going to be a long three weeks then!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

this morning

This morning i decided i needed a bag for taking my lap top places.  I sat down and made this.  i might make another one in a print that i like.  this was a trial and error one.  i also put a pocket for my cord and mouse.
peek a boo.  laptop fits perfect!
I went to target and got these for brooklyn.  They are alittle big but they were on clearence.  When I got home I discovered they matched this:
So now brooklyn will have a super cute dress and leggings.  No underware flashes for her!

Monday, May 10, 2010


they sat like that for awhile playing a game.  i thought it was so cute!  sophia loves to cuddle on brooklyn.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Brooklyn studders sometimes so we decided to get her speech checked.  I went through the school system.  At her evaluation today they decided she doesn't say a lot of sounds properly and want to re-evaluated her in october.  If she hasn't gotten better with it by then she'll do therapy.  They also tested her for learning disabilities (just procedure).  They were shocked she could identify all of the ABC's except three on the first try.  She can also count to 20 and identify and write most of her numbers.  I asked them if they thought she should go to pre-k next fall.  All three ladies agreed she was already above pre-k levels for a lot of things and unless I wanted her in for social reasons they saw no reason for her to go to.  I was so proud of how well she is developing and growing.  I'm thinking that in the next few weeks I am going to start working with her reading words.


My mothers day gift to me!  I know I dont have four kids.  They are all of our birthstones.  I thought it looked weird with just two "eggs".  I saw it on an etsy shop and thought it was so cute. 
Brooklyn helping Sophia
I tried to get all of us into the shot.  So Tuesday I took Sophia to the orthopedic surgeon.  He said her arm is doing great and no cast or surgery needed!  We will keep it wrapped with the ace bandage until next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then after that we have to find a way to keep it in the sling until we go back at the end of the month.  The Dr said that if she wouldn't keep it in the sling that was OK to, but I would feel better having it slinged (I know that's not even a word).

On another note after next week we wont be seeing Trent that much.  They got a huge project and will be working Saturdays and Sunday's for awhile.  We are glad for the work but miss him being at home, at least on weekends!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Can you beleive I almost threw these scraps out!  Since Sophia can't lift her arm she needs clothes that can tie at the shoulder, so more sewing for me.  That's o.k. I love almost every minute of it.  Today I only got this dress done.  With my one armed bandit I have to keep a very very close eye on her.  I did get most of the cleaning we didn't do this weekend done today.  Always trying to catch up it seems.

not so well

last night didn't go so hot in the toddler bed.  Sophia fell out twice, and of course landed on her arm.   I guess we have got to go and get a guard rail to put up.  Our appointment with the orthopedic surgen is tuesday at 3:15.  I am worried with Sophia's arm because she has no fear and is going a million miles a minute.  She has fallen on it tons of times and keeps knocking it into things.  What are we going to do with this girl?!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big girl bed

I was forced to turn Sophia's crib into a toddler bed.  I really didn't want to do this for awhile but with her broken arm it is to hard to get her in and out without hurting her.  I hope it is a smooth transaction for her, and me. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The one armed bandit

The rest of the story (so far)

So about 5:15 last night Sophias dr finally calls.  His nurse says it's a fractured arm and i need to take her to OLOL emergency room right away.  By now it has been a complete 24 hours since she fell.  So I load her up, Trent stays with Brooklyn and Mrs. Murl leaves to meet me there.  We get there a check in right away.  I maybe waited 10 minutes to go to the back.  Right when I was going back the flood gates open and people poured in with their kids.  We were at the pediatric ER.  We get back to our room and get settled in.  They come and do an XRAY.  We go back to our room near the nurses station and get settled in again.  Then they ask us if we would move to another room because they needed to put someone they are having trouble with in there.  (when we left I noticed a security guard camped outside that door.  I guess those nurses and Dr's don't mess around)  So anyways we are moved to the end of the hall.  They had to clean linens and extra stuff out of the room before we could go inside.  Not a big deal.  Sometime later they come in and tell us her arm is BROKEN!  What!!!!  She certainly hasn't been acting like it is broken.  Every now and then she would touch it and say ow during the day but she was playing and her normal self.  Just cried a little when you touched it.  So anyways we now know it is broken and they want to do more xrays.  That happens and they come and put her in a sling (that didn't stay on long).  The on-call dr calls the on-call orthopedic surgen.  He doesn't want to see her tonight but monday morning he wants her to come in to decide if it should stay wrapped like it is, surgury, or a cast.  We got home about 8:45 and Sophia ate some chips and played some by nine she went to sleep.  I'll post some pictures later.  I think I might get a slim point and shoot camera to carry around with me.  Last night I was wishing I had one.  Everything that was going on was sad but she sure looked cute!