Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter April 20

Say hello to Nibbles. She is the newest member of our family. Trent's not to thrilled but we didn't pay for her, she doesn't need to see a vet or get shots, and if it just doesn't work for us to have her we can give her back. So we will keep her a little while and see how it works. I have a cousin that raises them and my mom brought this one for us. The girls instantly fell in love with her. We have a pretty much always shaded spot in the back yard for her cage. She is in Vidalia with the girls this week. They will get her a cage, ect. They will also see first hand what it takes to take care of her before they bring her home. Wish us luck!

Dying eggs

I have never dyed eggs with the girls. Rio came over and we had a blast dying them. So much fun I ended up boiling more eggs while she ran to walmart to get more plastic ones to dye!  The girls had fun but I think Rio and I enjoyed it more!

April 12

April 12 Rio and I had a garage sale. It didn't go so well. We are going to try again in a few weeks. The girls sold cup cakes and sodas. They had a great time and earned a little money for snacks at school. After the sale Rio and I loaded up the girls for a church Easter egg hunt. The presidency had kindly made a section of non candy eggs for our girls. The girls didn't mind not getting candy. They loved all the little toys that were in the eggs. We aren't anti candy. I just knew the girls would be getting some at school. I don't like them to have a sugar overload!  We are trying to teach the girls moderation in things like that. 

Home made pizza

We went to trader joes the other day and bought some of their pizza sauce. The girls gave it an A+!!!!!

Wrestlemania April 6

This weeks cakes