Thursday, March 25, 2010

The ultimate theater experiance

So if you know Trent you know he LOVES movies and wants to have the best home viewing experiance.  He had recently purchased these things called BUTTKICKERS.  I at first was somewhat irritated with them.  He had them hooked up for the New Moon party.  After a few minutes of having the movie on I had to turn them off.  I'm thinking what a waist of money.  Then Amazon sent us two new ones.  We are not sure what is wrong with the first set but they were VERY BROKEN!  Now when we watch movies our couch vibrates in the basey parts.  I'LL ADMIT IT IS AWESOME!!!!!  Now when we watch movies it's the COMPLETE veiwing experiance.  Sophia (the baby who never stops) will sit and watch almost half a movie.  It's nice having all four of us in the same place at the same time.  And of course Trent is thrilled to have a new toy.  Now that he has a new toy, I'm thinking about what mine will be!  (Since I kinda just reveiwed this product can I get them for free?  Jessie gets free stuff all the time!)

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