Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!

As our Christmas Eve was winding up at my patents house we let the girls shoot the BB gun some. Sophia had a good time with it and would now like one!  Brooklyn warmed up to it. We had such a great time visiting with friends and family. Monday we celebrated my parents 35th wedding anniversary!    Tuesday we did Christmas Eve. That was a blast. The only two that were missing were Jason and Morgan. One of these days we will really all get to be together as a happy family.  We made it home in time to get ready for Santa. 
A lot of excitement and I have been sick with a respitory infection. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas dresses

This year for the girls Christmas dresses I used our family tartan for the main dresses!  I loved how it turned out. Brooklyn is thrilled but Sophia is still on the cuff.  Sophia would rather it be a skirt or better yet a pair of jeans!

At the dr

Saturday, December 21, 2013

the sickness

The above pictures are at my moms house before my cousins wedding.  I was trying to get some good pictures to send out with Christmas cards but I never got them developed! 

On another note, the girls were tested for strep and it was negative!  We got to have our friends over for supper last night!  After our friends left I started to feel much much worse.  By ten I was running a high fever with a sore throat.  This morning I woke up and had a 101.5 fever!  I have been taking medicine and sleeping pretty much all day.  All of our actives were canceled for Saturday and I might possibly be staying home from church as well.  I hope this sickness runs its course so I can have an enjoyable Christmas time.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The dr

Well instead of canceling the allergist appointment I just changed the time so Sophia could go to her school Christmas party. When we got to the dr both girls were running fever but not very high. We went do the list of happenings around the time of the hive breakout. The dr didn't think it was allergies at all. Since Sophia has been running fever off and on since the hives he thinks it was the first sign of Sophia getting sick. Now that Brooklyn is also running fever I can see that!  This dr was great he even walked down to our pediatricians office to talk to the nurse and help us get an appointment for first thing this morning.  We are going at nine today. On the way home we were going to stop by hobby lobby to pick out our new Christmas ordiments for the year. As soon as Brooklyn got out of the vehicle she started crying saying she was so tired. We loaded back up and started to head home. Brooklyn slept from 4:30 pm to 6:30 the next morning!!!!!  Sophia seems to feel a little better but Brooklyn doesn't. Now I don't feel very well at all!  I'm going to ask their dr what I should take to get on my feet ASAP!  We are supposed to have some people over for supper tonight and I really want to be able to visit with these friends. Hopefully we can get a prescription and everyone feel much better by this afternoon. Did I mention we also have a dentist appointment today at noon?!

Monday, December 16, 2013

So cute

I'm kind of bias but I think I have two of the most beautiful girls around! 12/16. 


On Sunday December 8th we came home from church like any other Sunday. Around four Sophia said her back was itching. I checked it out and only saw a small rash. I took a picture of it an texted her church teacher to see if anyone else was itching. She said no. Around seven she was saying she itched everywhere and her back looked like the bottom picture!  We gave her Benadryl and put caladryl and Benadryl cream on it. By morning 95% of it was gone but I still took her to the dr. Dr. Gesn said it looked like allergies. Said it could also be a fluke thing and we could just keep an eye one it and if it happens again come back for an allergist appointment, or we could go ahead and make an appointment. I went ahead and made an appointment for this coming Thursday. I have decided to cancel it since Sophia hasn't had any signs of anything being wrong and nothing in our diets have changed. No new laundry detergents or lotions.  Since dr. Gesn is aware of what's going on if needed I can easily make a new appointment. Just say a prayer it's just a fluke occurrence!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving is over Christmas is in!

Usually on the night of thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree and all our decorations. This year was no different and the girls were able to do most of it by themselves!  Bonus for me. We have had a great time talking about Santa and baby Jesus. Our leafs this year are names Peter and Fisherman. They are curious little things. Luckily they aren't naughty like most peoples elves. How can a naught elf tell if the kids are being good or bad when they don't know how to behave themselves?!!!

Our artist!

Brooklyn is quite the artist. She loves drawing and coloring all sorts of things. Our back door and fridge and full of her and Sophia's art work. Here is one I can't hang inside. Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Brooklyn turns 7!!!!!!

 Caroline and Brooklyn
 My handsome daddy!
 Even the adults got crafty!

It is hard to believe it has been seven years since my sweet baby was born!  She has brought so much joy and happiness to us.  I know that is so cliche to say but it is so true!  Some of the things Brooklyn loves according to her:  tv, reading, cupcakes, warm socks, play with her daddy, spend time with Sophia, and loves to go to school.  We had a zebra/hot pink/ hello kitty/craft party!  All the kids had a great time making pictures and decorating butterfly's and dinosaurs. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Global Wildlife

 Sophia and Mrs. Davenport
Sophia's class went to Global Wildlife for a field trip sometime in October.  The lamas were tall enough that they could eat from our hands. The rest of the animals were just thrown handfuls of this dog food looking stuff.  We even got to see a bunch of deer fight and super cute baby Zebras.


I realized the\at I missed all October.  Here are some highlights in pictures.
 Trent's birthday dinner at Las Palmas
 Sophia and Breckin
 Jeff Green turned 40!
 Literacy night at school.
 Halloween at school!
 Trick or Treating.  It rained the whole time!

Brooklyn's birthday supper.  We ate at Rotolos then off to Menchies!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A new dress

I bought this pattern to see of I would like it for the girls Christmas dresses. I made a sample one for Brooklyn and I think the pattern turned out adorable!  The little jacket was made with out a pattern!  Not to shabby. I think for Christmas I might just buy them cardigans. Now that I have a pattern I really like I just need to get some fabric and get to working!  I want them to wear their Christmas dress for our church party in two weeks!

Las Palmas

We had went out to eat and TRIED to get a picture of the kids together. They just wanted to be goofy.  This was November 9th


This was one morning before school. Brooklyn is a great reader and is lately seen with a book in hand. Sophia is getting much better at reading. In the beginning of the year I was defiantly worried because she jokes around so much. Her first report card left something to be desired. Her second one was much better. I love that they love books and learning.

Alligator farm

On November 13 I helped chaperone Brooklyn's class on a trip to the insta-gator alligator farm.  They basically steal alligator eggs and hatch them. Only 12 out of every 100 are released into the wild. The rest are butchered for their skin and meat (they really didn't get into that bit of information with the kids). Everyone had a good time. It was, of course, the first cold day of the year!!  Brooklyn really enjoyed herself and even held one.  The cutest one was the one born without a tail!!  Defiantly not natural but I guess he has a decent life there. In the wild he would have been snatched up in a heart beat. We also learned the temperature is what determines if they are boys or girls.