Thursday, June 25, 2009

nine months and counting

spagettie day
trents fathers day tie brooklyn made him
tomorow sophia will be nine months old. can you believe it's been that long! shes 29 inches and 22lbs. she has 2 teeth and four on the way. she's all table food and goes a million miles a minute. i also just painted her bedroom. it's so pretty. i am not going to post pics till i get her prints for the walls hung, so it might be awhile. i still have to buy picture frames (you can help buy them if you like). She has been so much for me us and brooklyn. what a blessing she is.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

weigh in wednesday

so i hadn't posted my progress in awhile. the weight is very slowly coming off. since the begining of march i have lost seven pounds. march i was 164, today i was 157! 7 down 13 more to go. i hope to lose the last 13 by christmas.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my first one

I'VE GOT MY FIRST OFFICIAL CAKE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's for a wedding. I aM so excited. it's going to be beautiful, they're going to love it.

Friday, June 19, 2009


today i have:
done aundry
went into town with justin
came home
went to jack in the box
came home put kids for naps
tried to relax, not happing
so i made frosting for tomorow. it tasates as good as my moms
baked two cakes.
cleaned counters
cleaned dishes
got things ready for fondant demo
got things ready for burp rag demo
vaccumed floors
cleaned floors (i mean hands and knees cleaning)
cleaned table out with toothbrush (i'm not kidding about the toothbrush)
vaccumed rugs for steam cleaner
more dishes
more laundry.
now i wait for the kids to go to bed so i can steam clean the carpets. i know i am weird but i am so excited

and tomorow i get to start all over

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i almost walked away

quicksilver, my p arents new kitty
daddy and sophia passed out watching the tigers

i can take my kids anywhere is what i usually tell people. today brooklyn and sophia were so bad in walmart i could imagine myself putting them both in the buggy and walking away. i mean i would have come back for them in an hour, o.k. maybe two, but i would have come back. they have NEVER been like that in public or at home. i can see it on the news now "mom needs a break and drops her kids off at walmart, now arrsted for child abandonment". i of course played it off and went on with my shopping. when we got to the car brooklyn got a spanking and i got some sanity back. home for lunch and naps. now peace and quiet for a short time.

now for the picture above. i was in the shower and heard something in the kitchen. i came out to find brooklyn cleaverly trying to get into the animal crackers. when she figured out she was busted she laid her head down to pretend to be asleep! never a dull moment here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

the good, the bad, and the ugly

today after working out and going on a walk i told brooklyn that after i showered and fed sophia breakfast we would go and play in the sprinkler. she said o.k. and went into her room to play. when got out of the shower brooklyn came in and said "brooklyn feed sophia breakfast", i didn't think any more of it until i came in the kitchen and saw this (look at pictures). brooklyn had gotten into the cabinet and gave sophia a bag of chocolate pop tarts!! all over her and the floor and she ate tons of it. sophia loved the pop tart. she loves table food to the point that i hardly give her baby food anymore.

now for the bad part. my neighbor came overe when i was outside with the kids and told me someone on the middle street was ARRESTED FOR CHILD MOLESTION THIS PAST SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!! i guess you never know who your neighbors are, and watch your kids closely.

Friday, June 5, 2009


i got out of the shower to find this. why do we even buy toys?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


today started like any other. kids awake, trents going to work. he goes outside and starts his car. it starts. then sound like someone shook a cat and threw it under the hood. great huh! we're going to see if try can fix whatever is wrong. it didn't make any weird noises or anything to let us know it was going to break down. so trent took my car. i can't grocery shop today so supper should be REAL interesting.
brooklyn was a monster to put down for a nap.
sophia threw up cherrios all over me. i smell awful.
i made a bed skirt for my neighbors grandson.
did laundry.
put up a new curtain rod in brooklyns room. i still need to touch up from the old one.
now i get to write out bills. maybe tonight we'll go out to taco bell or somewhere. friday please come. i love you.