Wednesday, September 3, 2014

21 things

Awhile ago Kristen had tagged me on Facebook. I was supposed to do 3 things for 7 days that I'm thankful for. Obviously I didn't. Not that I'm not ungrateful it just took me a while to find time to sit and think of things. So I am going to leave off the obvious like family, church, ect. Here's the list. 1. Wrestling. I know it's a weird thing but I like it, also one of my brothers does too. I feel like it has brought me a little closer to him since now we have a common ground to talk about! 1. Technology. Without you I wouldn't still be such great friends with Kristen 3. I am thankful I share a birthday dinner with my dad every year. I love that man and it makes me feel special to share my birthday with him. (My mom made awesome Italian cream cupcakes and sent extras home with me!) 4. I am thankful my sister is moving back to Louisiana. 5. I am thankful for the gym. I know since we joined I feel a whole lot better in general! 6. I am thankful the girls are in such a great school 7. The mail 8. Restaurants 9. I am thankful for all the hugs and kisses the girls give me. 10. I am thankful this year we are celebrating Trent, Brooklyn, and Sophia's birthday on the same day! 11. Paper plates 12. Best friends 13. Hummas and avocados. These foods are awesome on ANYTHING! 14. Pets. Nothing like nibbles sitting and relaxing in my lap 15. I am thankful for Trent. I know he goes into the obvious family category but I am so thankful he is worthy to baptize Brooklyn in November. 16. I am thankful for the special girls I am over at church. The calling is stressful and overwhelming at times but they really deserve the best and I am trying to give it to them. I have learned so much from them. 17. I am thankful for Justin and his sense of humor. 18. I am thankful for all the people who believe in me and have helped me along the way. 19. I am also thankful for all my failures and the lessons I have learned from them. 20. Washing machines 21. Lastly I am thankful Kristen tagged me and got me thinking of all the things I am thankful for and take for granted.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Almost my Birthday!!!

Tomorrow I will be 30 years old..... I know that's not old by any means. I have spent a little time reflecting over the last year though. I had a lot of goals and plans to accomplish before tomorrow but sadly a lot of them just weren't done. Then I started to wonder what was I doing instead of working on my goals? I was working on spending more quality time with the girls and Trent. I was working at work! I was working in my old church calling and my new activity day calling (those girls have no idea what they are in for!). I have been working on trying to be a better friends to the people I have here and to an amazing friend who lives to far away. So even though I didn't accomplish my written down goals I do feel that I have accomplished quiet a bit! I am looking forward to the next birthday year and all the good and bad it bring! I am also very excited to see my dad on the 29th and enjoy celebrating our birthdays together! I love that man so much!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First day of school

I posted the pictures in time but sorry it has taken me so long to write about the girls first day of school! Sophia is in Mrs. Parker's class. She is in the first grade and very excited to be in a "number" grade. So far we are a few weeks in and she has been doing great! Not even much complaining when it comes to homework. I think if we can keep her on track she's in for another wonderful year. Brooklyn is in second grade. Her teacher is named Mr. Ulery. Right now, until November, he is at an officers training school and won't be teaching till then. I have met him a few times in the office last year and before that. He is a very nice, younger guy. I was very impressed with his dedication to the kids and to his country. I have heard great things about him as a teacher and talked to him some about his military experience so far. I was hoping that somewhere down the line the girls would be in his class. Right now Brooklyn has a sub named Mrs. Crain. She is actually a certified teacher but has only been subbing the last few years so she could stay home and be with her kids. Brooklyn knew her from her subbing last year so she has been very happy to have her everyday. Brooklyn has been having a great time learning and getting back into the swing of things. Sadly her best school friend moved so she has had to adjust and make new friends. Last year the girls got to play on the same playground together but this year they are separated into the first playground and the middle playground. It has been interesting to listen to them talk about the new friends they have made (since they can't just play with each other). Also hearing them talk about trying to find games they can play over the "line" they can't cross! I'm so glad that they are getting a chance to develope and become their own people but also making time for each other at school. I know they are going to be very successful with whatever they put their mind to. I am just thankful I get to be a part of that!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sophia's first lost tooth!

Sophia has had two wiggly teeth for awhile and one night she finally pulled it out! We had been messing with it for a few days and she wanted it out. Trent and I had put her to bed and about ten minutes later she came out triumphant with tooth in hand. She was so proud she had pulled it out herself. I know she looks upset in the picture but she was actually really excited! The next morning she was so excited to get her dollar from the tooth fairy. She really is growing up way to fast. I knew this day would come. She has been working on her second loose tooth. Hopefully it will come out as easily as the first.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Zabra

When Rio was watching the girls Brooklyn said the that if we changed Sabra's S to a Z she would be a zebras cousin. A Zabra!  So here are the girls holding the first tame Zabra!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 31

On Saturday we went to our friends combined birthday party for Breckin and Coleton. The kids had a drive in theater where they got to decorate thei own cars. Sophia made a race car. Racheal gave all the kids tickets for the. To buy for dogs and pop corn and drinks. It was such a great idea.  All those kids in one room and most of them sat in their boxes and just watched the movie!  Afterwards we went and ate at papis very yummy!

Monday, May 26, 2014

End of the school year!

Today was Memorial Day and also the girls awards day. Brooklyn got an A,B honor roll award and an award for highest average in social studies. Sophia got a kindergarten certificate like the rest of the kids. The kindergarten kids sang the cutest songs (same as last year). Trent and I are both very proud of how hard the girls have worked and how well they have done this year. Sophia is already working out of some of Brooklyn's first grade books. Brooklyn wanted to check out after her program but Sophia was pretty insistent on staying. She ended up being the only kid left in her class!  She had a great time hanging out with Mrs. Davenport.  One and a half days left of school then a fun filled summer with the best baby sitter ever, Livia!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

D.J. Sis is in the house

If anyone is looking Sophia has some serious dj moves and is for hire!  At least she thinks she has the outfit for it!