Friday, March 26, 2010

oh my goodness

So I have lost 1/2 inch in my waist.  I know I have some more to go but I am super excited to see some pay off on all the salads and walking I have been doing.  I haven't lost and weight but I am hoping this flab is turning into muscle!  Im not sure about the weight because I haven't been weighing myself that much. 

Sophia has gone days with no passie.  She is going down for naps and bed with no argument.  I think on the first day, that nap time she cried maybe 20 minutes.  Hasn't been an issue since.  She still gets her cup but it is always empty.  I am thinking I want to turn her crib into a toddler bed in June.  She'll be 20 months.  When we go to Texas later this summer I would like her sleeping in a big bed so we don't have to haul a pack in play around along with big stroller and luggage. 

The guy for the tiger eye cake called and is on his way.  I just got nervous he won't like it.  I mean I know he will it's always nerve racking what people will think.  I hope he loves it as much as I do.

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PapaJeff said...

Great job on that eye of the tiger!