Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love a remake

The top picture is of a dress that one of Trent's friends gave the girls.  Brooklyn instantly fell in love with it.  The only problem was it was a strapless number in a jrs size small.  Not exactly going to fit.  I took apart the top and remade it with some straps and took in the bottom a little.  Without much effort she now has a super cute new dress!

So on a totally different topic lets discuss cleaning.  I was reading an artical about how to clean faster and more efficiently.  One point that was made was to do all the same thing at once.  Example, vacuum all of the carpets and rugs in your house, then dust all of the rooms, etc.  I thought I would try this today when I cleaned Mrs. Murls house.  Surprisingly it worked.  It usually takes me around 3 hours to clean everything.  Today I was finished in a little over two hours!  (I promise I didn't skimp on anything either)  I'm not really sure why it was faster doing it that way but it was.  Maybe because there wasn't the break time of moving all the cleaners from one room to another.  Whatever the reason I'm sold!

My new eating lifestyle

Here are a few pictures of the valentines dinner.  The kids got pizza and chips.  This post isn't about that though.  This post is about my new eating.  I think I have been doing well with it.  I have only gone off the plan two or three times.  I have stayed strong.  I do feel better and my stomach seems to be doing better as well.  The only problem is to feel good I have to eat 2 salads a day!  Seriously I like salad but I also enjoy other foods!  I have even noticed a difference between cook veggies and raw veggies.  My body definitely likes the raw ones.  And on top of eating like rabbit you would think I would loose a pound or two!  That hasn't happened either!  I have gotten into the world of strictly whole wheat.  I haven't even bought bread in three weeks.  No one has seemed to notice we don't have any in the house we will continue to leave it in the store.  I have made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies that are delicious and whole wheat rolls (also delicious).  Lots more fruit and veggies for thr girls too.  They are grabbing oranges and bananas for snack instead of cookies or chips.  So all in all we are getting much healthier here.  I have my return appointment on the 13th of March.  I think its going to go well and I'll just be told to keep eating like I am and all will be well.

My non napper

Sophia isn't really much of a napper.  That's why I love when I catch her falling asleep in such weird or cute ways.  She couldn't keep her eyes open anymore while they were playing computer!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My new eating life

Now I am not going to call this a diet because, to me, a diet is something you get on then eventually get off.  Me, if this eating plan works, I have to be on it pretty much forever.  I will start out at the beginning.  I have stomach issues, for no apparent reason.  I went to a Dr. who prescribed some meds.  They didn't help.  I had to do something else, that didn't work either.  I had to get xrays on my stomach, it showed nothing.  Blood work all normal.  That Dr didn't know what else to do so she wanted me to get a colonoscopy.  Thank goodness insurance denied it because that finally got me the appointment with a GI Dr. i have been wanting.  I got in to see him yesterday.  He was actually on the same page as me and thinks that its not something major that, hopefully, an extreme change of diet will help.  Now I am not allergic to anything but there is a possibility that my body just isn't processing certain things in foods.  We aren't really sure what they are though, there are just so many possiabilities.  So my new "eating lifestyle" will be as follows: no carbonated drinks, no caffeinated drinks, low low protein (only chicken, fish and turkey), Low Low carbs (only good carbs at that, whole wheat, etc.).  I will need to try and keep sodium down, and eat as few processed foods as possible.  So chicken and salads?  I am sure there is a lot I will be able to eat.  I can have brown rice as long as the first ingredient reads, whole wheat, same with pasta, and bread.  But I have to limit them to once a day.  I am researching and finding more things that would be considered "clean" foods.  Now I'll be on this diet till March 13th.  If things have worked themselves out with my stomach, then I'll be eating like this forever, if not we have a plan B.  On the plus size I should be able to loose a few pounds without trying.  I am trying to look at all the pluses of this new eating style and not focus on everything I can't have.  I sure will miss dr. pepper.  I am thinking that after March if this is my new eating plan I will be able to have a slice of pizza every now and then, if it doesn't make me sick!    

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

That was quick!

Today I got a call from Juban park elementary school about Sophia starting speech.  She will start on Friday.  She was only evaluated in January 17th!  The reason i say that it was quick getting this phone call is because the evaluators have 90 days to contact the school, the school has 30 days to contact me.  With Brooklyn they took every day they had and then some! I am really happy she is starting so soon and not having to wait until next school year.  They are going to be working on articulation and fluency.  She is really excited too!  These kiddos are just growing up way to fast!