Thursday, October 10, 2013


Every single minute of every single one of my days seems to have a task assigned to it.  I feel like I am so busy that I will never get a break.  My days go as follows: work by eight, afternoon car pool by 3:20, homework till 4:30, cook supper, clean, Trent home around 6, family time for an hour, gym, home, now its 8:45.  By the time I shower it's after nine and I'm exhausted!  I don't even want to think about how I feel when my legs are hurting or another never ending headache.  So to answer the question in last posts comments" yes, a lot is going on, we are always busy.  I just don' have much time to blog about it, in fact I should be designing a cake I'm making for tomorrow instead of blogging!  I did want to share my favorite pictures of Sophia from her party.  This is definitely party time for us.  August is my b-day, sept-Sophia's, oct-Trent, nov- Brooklyn's!!!!!  Now I need to quit putting it off and work on this cake.  I'm already tired and I have to be at work early tomorrow!