Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just me ranting

I had the goal to weigh 159 by my birthday, and i did.  Now that the celebrating is over I am back up to 160.  You are probably thinking well it's only one pound that's not bad.  To me it is.  I was one of those people that was always picked on in school.  In jr high some kids would walk behind me and oink like a pig.  I was called a devil worshiper and a freak.  I didn't think I was different or over weight but I guess they had other ideas about me.  I was somewhat quiet and smart and Mormon.  I would be picked on so much some days I would ask to go to the bathroom and I would make sure I was alone and cry, wash my face, then go back to class.  In 8th grade too throw into the mix some one decided to call me gay and that was pretty much it for my self esteem.  Its funny because i wanted so bad to play sports or try out for cheerleading or even to have the confidence to make more friends.  But I was so scared of being pick on about something else.  I wanted to be involved but never was.  You bring that stuff with you when you are older.  I don't like to be in pictures because I had worked so hard to loose weight and now with Sophia I gained it all back.  I don't want to feel like that little jr high kid crying in the bathroom, but I do.  Thats life.  I watch what I eat and excersize and can't loose one tiny lb.  I just want to feel as confident in my looks as I am in my other talents.  I am trying to become the person I wanted to be all along. I don't want to be a wall flower anymore.  Let me tell you it has been a long journey and its no where close to being over.

Bee Prepared

The Prophet Gordon B Hinkley had this list of things we needed to be.  Most of the time when it was taught about we would use cute little bees to represent the be's.  I had no idea that the "be prepared" would one day for me literally mean "bee prepared".  Yesterday after the library I loaded up my kids are two more in my car when Sophia started screaming.  I looked back and noticed a BEE WAS STUCK IN HER FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I freaked out a little and rushed to get it out.  I had to get my pocket knife out to dig out the stinger.  No one in the parking lot had a cigeratte to put on it.  I called R in some what of a panic and she told me toothpaste.  I rushed to wm (on the way I called her dr just to see what to look for in case she was allergic), I threw all the kids in the buggy, litterly ran inside straight to the toothpaste.  Like a mad woman I tore open the box and lathered her finger with it.  She almost instantly stopped crying and fell asleep.  phew one disaster saved I think.  So now I have a travel size toothpaste in my purse just incase that happens again.  Knowing sis it probably will!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Birthday Lunch

Melissa and Garrett
Laura and Rachel
Jodi and Ethan
Sophia at the end of our two hour lunch
Jennie and Wyatt
The best group of gals around!
This just about says it all

Today was my birthday.  I turned 26.  I am so happy because I weighed myself first thing and was 159lbs!  So next week my goal will be 158lbs for the family reunion.  It was a long day.  Trent had to work.  He left at seven.  I went and did some work for Devin then off to Target.  After Target a group of us went to Chilies for a birthday lunch.  I had such a good time and the girls were very well behaved.  Rachel even got me a gift and cupcakes.  yummy!  And Laura paid for my meal as a gift.  Those girls are really the best!  When we got home about 1:30 Sophia was passed out and wouldn't let go of my balloon.  Its funny how kids imaginations work.  While Sophia napped Brooklyn played with the balloon as her "friend"  It was funny to watch.  When Sophia woke up I took the girls to play in the yard then off to McDonald's for supper (I wasn't cooking).  When we got home more play time outside.  Trent got home about seven so he missed most of the day.  Maybe one day in the far future we can celebrate.  We have so much going on I don't know when we'll have another time to spend some time together.  Oh well that's life though.  This time last year he was unemployed so we didn't get to celebrate then either.  Maybe next year!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Daddy.  When Heavenly Father made you my dad he made a perfect match.  Hope your day is great.  I can't wait to celebrate with you on Monday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

by saturday

My birthday is Saturday.   My present to myself is to be 159lbs.  I weighed myself this morning at 160.8.  It is very doable.  I have been trying very hard and counting calories like crazy.  I even get online and have printed out nutritional information to some of our most visited restaurants so I can pick the healthiest thing on the menu or can plan the rest of my day accordingly.  I haven't been in the 150's since I got pregnant with Sophia.  I have only been  able to loose 4 lbs since she was born so getting into the 150's even if it is 159 is a big deal to me.  We'll see how it goes!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am so excited

Next Saturday is my birthday!  I am getting excited I just love birthdays.  It doesn't matter whose, just birthdays in general.  This week on the 25th is also my dads birthday and Elder Randall's birthday.  Since I don't get to be with my dad for his I will try to call at an ungodly time and be the first to wish him happy birthday (just warning you!)  Now for Elder Randall I am cooking him supper and will make or buy one of his favorite desserts strawberry cheesecake, yum!  Anything for the missionaries.  We should all try to help the missionaries out as much as possible and make them feel apart of our family.  It's hard for them to be so far from their families for that long with only letters and emails.  I am glad they are coming here to celebrate his birthday.  I think I am even going to decorate for him.  Fun stuff!  The Sunday before we are going to Mrs. Murl's to celebrate mine and Monica's birthdays.  fun fun fun.  Now on my actual birthday is a Saturday.  If Trent's parents are in Biloxi visiting granny we'll have the girls all day, which is fine to.  I love spending time as a whole family.  I want to go to my favorite restaurant to get my favorite meal and some yummy dessert after wards!  Now the Monday (I think) after that my mom and dad will be in town and we'll celebrate his and my birthday.  I love that I get to share my birthday with him every year.  My dad is such a great guy, I just love him!  So a lot of fun is going to be had.  I plan on taking lots of pictures so keep an eye out!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The candy man can

So this week has been kind of busy.  I made two cakes and this memory quilt start to finish!  I love how the quilt turned out.  It is going to be a 50th wedding anniversary gift for my friends parents.  I'm sure you can guess if you look at the pictures!

Thursday I had my yearly check up at the gynecologist.  I know I know too much info but I feel like sharing it.  Turns out my cervix has a really bad infection that I have probably had for a few months.  The Dr. said it might even be the reason for some of the other problems I have been having.  I have to take some antibiotics and see him back in a few weeks so he can see if it has gotten better.  I sure hope they have because I am tired of not feeling 100% ever. 

On another note Sophia and Brooklyn have been doing great sharing a room/bed.  The only time there is any problem is when Sophia is napping and Brooklyn wants to play.  She is even getting better at bringing out some toys before sis lays down.  Sophia is defiantly head strong.  She outgrew ALL of her shoes within a weeks time.  So I went to wm to get her some sandals to last the rest of the summer.  We left with Buzz Lightyear boy flip flops.  She loves those shoes.  She wears them around the house all day and I have even found her cuddling with them at night!  She is also starting to make more word sounds instead of just sounds.  Not full words yet but we can sort of better understand her.  Especially when she says NO!  My girls are growing up way to fast.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

no more excuses

As some of you guys know Trent sand I love to work out.  You can't really tell right now but we do have a bowflex and a treadmill in our garage.  We decided since Sophia is sleeping in a toddler bed to put the girls into one room, one bed.  Now Sophia's old room will house our work out gear and my sewing stuff.  I feel a little selfish for taking over this space but with this heat we cant work out outside.  And when I am working on  sewing project I can't really leave it out everywhere around the house.  Now last night was the girls first night in the same bed.  Sophia had a hard time with it.  It took her along time crying and me laying with them and some melatonin before she finally fell asleep.  Tonight there hasn't been as much crying but she has gotten up a million times.  They aren't asleep but they are quietly looking at books, I'll take that.  This week I have a quilt to make and two cake orders, one of the is a $100 cake!  So a lot to do.  I need to go and organize myself so I can get it all done.

On another note granny still isn't doing well.  Actually she is a lot worse.  Keep her in your prayers

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

let me catch you up to date

While the girls play nicely and watch tv in the bed room I am listing some stuff on ebay for Devin.  I figured since it is taking me FOREVER to load pictures I would take a minute to update everyone with what is going on in out life. 
Trent's car is in the shop again.  Ugh, but fixing it is cheaper then buying something else.
Trent's granny is sick.  I mean very very sick.  She was here in Baton Rouge and even in her extremely bad health she was moved to Biloxi to a V.A. hospital.  She was moved on Monday morning.  Come to find out that it's not a "you go there to dye in peace hospital" but a rehab hospital.  now don't get me wrong I don't want her to die and I don"t know when she will but now she is all by herself.  Sigh  it makes me sad.  With the girls I haven't been able to help very much which also makes me sad.  The whole situation is just sad.
On top of that Trent (and everyone else at his work) are working a required 60 hours a week until the middle of September when this HUGE project is finished.  Sometimes I wish he were hourly but since he is salary hopefully we will have some bonus checks in the mail for this extra work.
Back to ebay.

Monday, August 2, 2010

primary water day

Here are some random pics from the primary act.  I think it turned out great!