Thursday, June 30, 2011

My life as a movie

Some days I feel as if I am in a movie.  Sometimes it's a comedy.  Sometimes a drama.  We have the occasional action flick.  You know typical stuff.  Well today I feel like I was like a scene from an older movie.
Setting:  The bathroom
Character: Sophia
Props: A lot of Shit

Scene setting:  Brooklyn and Sophia are playing chase and Sophia runs into the bathroom and locks the door.  After a few minutes I go and unlock the door to find poo smeared everywhere!

It was seriously like dumb and dumber without the chocolate.  I can even imagine Bob Saggot standing there saying "There is shit everywhere!!!"

Sophia I know you want to be independent and do it yourself, but next time ask.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011


 So this isn't the best picture of me but it does (to me at least) show that I have lost a little weight.  i was down 18 pounds but not taking that prescription any more I have gained back 4 pounds!  I knew it would happen so I am not totally bummed but it is time to get serious again and lose what I gained. 
I have decided to start learning to make more things at home.  I have been wanting to try tortillas.  It was super easy to do and Brooklyn loved being able to help.  They were so good in the honey lime enchiladas I made for supper.  Both things I will be making again!  The tortillas were so good I put a little honey on them and we even had them for a snack!

We went and tried the new restaurant Crounching Dragon.  Seriously people go there!  It was so good and at a really good price too.  Notice Sissy eating her broccoli?

Nothing to exciting this week has happened.  I have almost bought everything to start cooking for Justin's reception.  I am almost done with the girls dresses for it.  And I bought a new cleaner that was so awesome I will be buying it in bulk!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fathers day crafts

This year for fathers day I thought I would decorate a little.  I made this cute tie wreath and this happy fathers day banner.  I think Jessie should make the banner and sell in her etsy shop next year!  I bet they would sell like hot cakes.  I might have time to make a few more things, we'll see.

And on the fourth day it was awesome!

I am super excited how awesome these red beans and rice fried yummy-ness turned out!  I started out by using a recipe and soon ditched that.  If you are interested in making these (you so should be) I am going to sit down tonight and write out what I used and how I made them. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

It was funny

This morning I was doing something.  The kids were doing something diffrent.  Then Brooklyn walks up to me and said something and walked away.  Then I thought "hm did that really just happen?"  And I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.  Sad thing is I don't remember what it was that was said or happened!  I should write this stuff down.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cathing up in a random order

So I have been trying different dress patterns for the girls for Justin's wedding.  This is another one I made.  I did both girls dresses slightly different.  They are in love with the cat fabric from momma and the fact it twirls so well.  I have decided to smock the girls dresses and I am thinking instead of using a traditional smocked dress pattern I might use this pattern and the top "cuff" will be what is smocked.  I have been working on some 4th of July smocking I am going to sew up in this pattern to see how I like it.  Maybe we can vote on which style is cuter.

I would also like to report I weighed myself the other day at 150!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm down 17 pounds since February.  I am no longer going to the weight loss clinic so the last 5 are all on me.  I am slightly nervous about these last five but I think I am up to the challenge.  It is nice that my clothes fit me now!  I still want to go shopping eventually.  Maybe after these last 5 are gone, we'll see.  I always say I want to go shopping but never buy anything when I do, even when someone is with me!

I french braided Brooklyn's hair in a circle on her head.  She loves her hair crown!

This morning I cleaned the garage.  I threw away a bunch of unneeded, in the way, stuff and rearranged a few other things.  When I was done sweeping it out I decided to vacuum it!  Our shop vac has a wide brush so it didn't take long.  It was kind of sad to pull the Xterra back in!  I worked in their about two hours and when I was done I looked like I had just entered a wet t shirt contest.  I started at 7:30 this morning and it was that hot already.  When I got inside and shower I tackled the laundry room.  It just needed to be straightened up some and have some holiday things put back into the attic.  Then I moved onto organizing the bills better, then back to Sissy's closet where my sewing stuff is.  Then I turned some blue vinyl table cloths into seat covers for out table.  They are pretty awesome.  I'll show some pictures of them later.  
At one point I went to check on the girls.  Brooklyn was getting Sissy ready for school.  They had their school set up in the kitchen.  It was to cute.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brooklyn's gymnastics program

This past Tuesday was Brooklyn's gymnastics program.  She was really excited and nervous for it.  She has been working hard in class and practicing at home.  She did very well for the organized part of the program.  Once he kids did everything in their station they got 30 minutes to just run around and show off what they have learned.  Sophia got to play around too.  Brooklyn loves the balance beam the most so she kept going back to that.  She also would pull herself up on the bar.  In the end she was even doing flips by herself on the bar!  Depending on if she gets into head start or not we might put her and Sophia in leaps and bounds in August.  If she is in school I think it might be to much to have her in both.  With the way Sophia takes to everything we defiantly want her to have the same opportunity to do gymnastics or something until she starts school. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stay tuned

I have been teaching myself how to smock patterns!  I also just learned how to do the bullion rose!  I am almost done with the girls fourth of July smocked inserts for their dresses.  I can't wait to post pictures.  When I get more smocking needles to pleat more rows I am going to start on their dresses for Justin's wedding.  I am so excited to be able to do more then diamonds!