Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So this is week 4 of consistency (eating healthy/excersizing).  I like to call it that instead of "diet".  I'm not dieting, I am just eating better.  Anyways people wonder why this doesn't work or that doesn't to loose weight.  Its usually because they are not being consistent.  So we have been walking/working out four to five days a week for four weeks.  I am not sure how much weight I have lost but I have lost 1/2 inch.  I am ready to go shopping, but if I feel this good after 4 weeks how good am I going to feel in 4 more?!  I am so excited and pumped about this new consistency.

Yesterday Sophia went for a KID MED check-up.  Shes 28lbs and 31.5 inches tall.  95%!!!!!!! Today I have to call BCBS.  They had denied our claim for Sophia's surgury.  I called them to find out why and they said insufficient paperwork.  So I found out what they needed and went up to Dr. Asbahi's office to get it.  They checked her folder.  BCBS never requested it!!!  Sounds like they just don't want to pay our claim.  UGH!  There is a reason we have insurance so we don't have to pay 100% of surgeries and stuff.  Just wait till Obama care gets going.  Its all down hill from there.

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