Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today was Sophias first day in nursery.  I was nervous but she went in, I handed over her cup and a paci.  I checked through the peep hole a few times, no crying from her.  When I came to pick her up I asked how she did.  Heather said she was so good she was like a veteran there!!!!  What a releif.  I was very nervous because of our experiance with Brooklyn.  But Sophia is so opposite from Brooklyn I deep down knew it would be easier.

  Now Brooklyn today SHOCKED me.  I was going to get her from primary and jill said that she VOLUNTEED to say prayer in her class and with help said it loud and clear!!!  Pride all over my face for both my girls.  When i asked B about the prayer she said "it was easy my teacher helped me."  I'm so proud of my girLS.  b also informed me she was going to marry john john!!

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PapaJeff said...

That's my girls!! They get big so fast, you can't keep up.