Thursday, September 29, 2011


Tonight I was elected Parent Committee President and the Nutritional Rep for Brooklyn's school.  I was running against this girl who has been involved with the head start program for a few years now and was completely shocked when my named was announced as president!  I am really excited and think I will do a good job filling both positions.  I'll just throw that into the hat along with everything else going on.  Now that I have decided to start doing the farmers market I have been super busy sewing.  I need to pause on all of that so I can get baby Aubree's blessing gown made.  She'll be blessed in 1 week!  I have a time line written out on what t get finished on what day so I'll be able to get it all done and have my sanity.  I love my busy life.  I am sure Trent will be glad when I have some product to sell so we don;t have to push my sewing stuff out of the way on the table to eat supper!!!  I surely won't be complaining when I make some money!

The Omen

You know the scene from the movie the Omen when they take toddler Damien to church and the closer they get the louder and more freaked out he gets?  Sophia has been acting like that every time we shop at the Walker Walmart.  Now I have personal bad feeling twords that one but who knew it would rub off onto her?  She screams and kicks and throws punches and last time even bit me when we went there. Now Damien was evil and knew the church was good.  I think Sissy is good and knows that the Walker walmart is sub par compared to Denham.  They NEVER have enough registers open.  They are smaller with less selection, and their workers are mostly rude or ignore you (in my experience).  I have even reported them to 1-800-wal-mart before.  I was beginning to think day time grocery shopping wasn't going to be an option for me any more.  The only reason I have been shopping there is because Brooklyns school is on that same street.  This morning I needed to go into Denham so I decided to go to that Walmart.  Sissy was an Angel!  No crying or biting or anything,  I didn't even have to tell her to come to me once!  Coincidence?  I think not!  I have decided to shield my children from the evils that are in the walker walmart and drive the extra inconvenient miles to the good Denham one.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sissy's party

Can you believe in one week Sissy will be 3 years old!!!!!!!!!!  Time has just seemed to be in fast forward lately.  For her party it was a rainbow color theme.  It was also nice enough weather that the kiddos got to play in the pool.  She had a blast and loved all of her presents.  She can be such a sweet girl when she wants to be.  She is also very stubborn which drives me crazy now but I sure hope benefits her in the future.  I am looking forward to forever with her and the rest of my family!
 Last Wednesday I had a play date at the house and made these cupcakes.  I saw them on pinterest or somewhere and thought they were adorable.  They baked well and were super yummy.  I might make some for Brooklyn's birthday too!
 Can you believe Ben fell asleep like this!
Game day gear!  Geaux Tigers!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

magic springs

 figuring out where to go next

 most of the ntb kids and some of the parents.  Sissy was passed out during this picture.