Wednesday, July 29, 2009

no pics

so let me up date you guys on everything. trent has not gotten a job. he still hasn't gotten any calls or emails. last eek i was in vidalia at a scrapbook convention with my sister. we got to meet. and have over for lunch, lisa bearnson. i didn't know who she was or why she was such a big deal. 13 years ago she started a scrapbook magizine and it took off from there. also this past week one of my moms good friends was found. she had fell in the bathroom and passed away. needless t say it was a busy busy week. sorry i shortened it so much.

Monday, July 20, 2009


just to clear some things up. the below post is referring to just one person and no shes not you. shes someone who i grew up with and has been a sore subject for me for awhile now. none of that was directed tword anyone around here.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

broken hearted

dear l,
i talked to you on the phone today. it's been awhile. you moved to t and didn't tell me till after the fact. you have only been my friend when you have needed something for YEARS. today you called and needed to know where somewhere in b.r. was for your brother. not to see how i am doing, just directions. the conversation went something like this. you: hey girl how's it going? me: trent got laid off almost 3 weeks ago. we're o.k. with food but i am not sure how we are going to pay the bills in august. you: j needs to know how to get to such in such place. there was no support or anything, just needed directions. you know it's always been like this. do you know how many times i walked ALL the way to your house in the heat after you said come over, i get there, a calls, and you ditch me for her. so what do i do? i cry all the way home and wait for you to call me again. see i have always wanted a true friend to be there unconditionally for me and not brush me aside, like i feel i have been there for you. you remember when you got pregnant and weren't married? you remember all those times e was gone with the army and i was there. every time. i can not be any bodys "only when needed friend". i need to be an anytime friend. it's true i dont get calls to come and do things with people. but i am o.k. with that. i would rather spend my days here by myself with the girls, then spend my nights, broken-hearted ever again.

Friday, July 17, 2009

va va va voom

here is a cake i did for a last minute bridal shower.

is that a deseret designs cake?

i know ya'll are wondering why do i have a deseret designs cake on my blog? is linda mcclure trying to advertise on it? the answer is no!!!! i did this cake, and for 35 "bucks" it's a good deal. i know, i couldn't help but say that.

Monday, July 13, 2009

how much can one person take?

the girls pillow case dresses. trent doesn't like them that much. i think they are adorable.

ewe were the ONLY ones at the park.

so you wonder how much can one family take. we'll we're about to our limit, seriously. two weeks ago tomorrow trent got laid off. we didn't qualify for food stamps, the government got something wrong and we don't get unemployment yet, or maybe not at all. brooklyn got a throat infection, sophia has an ear infection. i cut my finger so badly that it bled for two days. today i find out from the unemployment office that we shold have gotten food stamps. just when we want to scream trents car over heats and we barley get into a parking lot. we went into canes to let the car cool down. after about 15 minutes we got in and made it home. by the time we made it home the car was past the hot line. on top of everything trent has called tons of people, sent out 30 resumes and we have had NO interveiws or emails or call backs or ANYTHING. i think we have been tried and tested. much more and we might start failing our tests. oh yeah on top of everything my diaper bag broke beyond repair leaving me with no bag at all to use. i am so ready for a new day. maybe tomorrow will be diffrent.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

we've been up since three

i mean 3 a.m. that is. brooklyn slept all day yesterday because come to find out she has a throat infection. i asked the dr if it was contageous. she said yes so she checked out sophia too. sophia doesn't have that but she does have a mild ear infection. so here we are brooklyn wide awake, coloring, eating cereal and drinking juice. i'm still not sure how i am going to survive tomorow on 5 hours of off and on sleep. oh the joys of motherhood. wouldn't change it for the world.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

thunder thigh thursday

well they are not really thunder thighs anymore. i am down another lbs. 156!!!!! 2 more and i am at 10 lbs since march. so just 12 more to go to my goal weight. yay!!!!

the job search is going REALLY slow. trent has put out 25 resumes and has had no one call back. He's going to start pounding the pavement on monday. one good thing about having him home is the girls are bugging him ALL day and i get a little break. one weird thing about having him home, he loves the show yo gabba gabba. he downloaded all of their music and everything.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

good news bad news

good news band news which do you want first. the good news is i have lost a total of seven lbs.

the bad news is trent and some other people got laid off yesterday. it sucks but thats life sometimes. his company just didn't have enough work for everyone. after the first inital shock, we didn't see this one coming, we've put the wheels in motion for finding him a new job. hopefully we will hear something soon. until thn my anxiety will be out of the roof and he'll be bored sitting around.