Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy st. patricks day

don't these sandals remind you of a mexican poncho?  they did me that's why i bought them.

isnt sis so cute?  this morning when i left for wal mart she had on a top that matched brooklyns.  it was out of the same fabric in a criss cross top pattern.  as soon as we got home brooklyn stripped down to play dress up.  sis couldnt get undressed fast enough to play with her she pulled a button off the top of her shirt.  *sigh*.  she did wear her bottoms all day which you can't see but they have a cute ruffle on the butt. 

sunday we had a birthday party for mrs. murl.  we had burgers, bbq beans, potatoe salad, and yummy yummy cake!  we all had a good time.  i cant wait for the next party!


Kristen said...

LOVE your choice of flip flop!!! You need to post a picture of Brooklyn from St. Patty's Day so we know what her top looked like.

Jessica said...

Yum...cake. Yeah, I want to see a picture of her in her outfit, too!