Friday, April 29, 2011


I really don't think this cake could get any cuter!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


10 LBS DOWN, 10 MORE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Late Easter!

We had a good Easter.  I hope everyone else did too.  We hunted eggs inside, went to church, then supper at in laws.  The girls were pretty well behaved all day so that was an added bonus.  I got to sit through all of sacrament (except when sis hit her head but we were able to come back in).  I didn't have time to smock the girls dresses so my lovely sis Jessie sent me the peeps from her etsy shop.  They turned out super cute on their halter tops I made.  Both the shirts only cost me $2.75 to make!  The added bonus was we had a bandaid for Sophia that matched everything well!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A post of pics from my phone

Brooklyn and Penelope

 at gymnastics

Brooklyn loves a side pony tail

Look at sissy's face!

They made their own mac and cheese

 It was bring a friend day at gymnastics.  Sophia went in with Brooklyn and did very very well.  She participated in everything and the teacher never had to fuss for her to listen.

This morning Sis was walking with her head down (as always) and ran right into the door!  She didn't cry or anything.  I didn't realize it was bleeding till a little later when Brooklyn saw it and started freaking out. She only got upset when I put a band aide on it. I guess I'll have to find a cute band aide for Easter tomorrow!

I am also extremely excited to say that in March I weighed 167.  When I went to the professional weight loss clinic I weighed 164.  This morning (3 weeks) I weigh 158!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's 6 with the clinics help and 9 total so far!  You can't really tell by looking at me yet but I can tell by how my cloths fit.  I'm not dying in my skirts at church and I don't have to suck in as much to button my pants!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

food saver

On march 24th I ordered a hose attachment and jar sealer from for $20.49.  I waited and waited and it never came.  I called them today to find out what was going on.  One of the products I ordered had been canceled!  So for my troubles they reordered both items.  They only charged me $3 for the attachment hose!  The jar sealer and shipping are free for my troubles!  That made my day and what a great company and customer service!  They are even going to ship them separate so I can go ahead and get the hose.  The jar sealer in on back order so it might take up to two or three weeks to get.  That gives me plenty of time to get mason jars.  Again part of Mays money saving madness I am going to go to some places like good will and see if i can find any jars.  As long as you use new lids to seal the jars it doesn't matter if the jars have been used before or not!


 You might be wondering why this product is on here.  It's because I was so impressed with it.  For May we are doing a money saving maddness and I want to have a list of some money saving products.  This bathroom cleaner was bought at the Dollar Tree.  I kind of laughed when I saw it.  I thought "if it has to say it's LA's TOTALLY AWESOME" it can't really be that great right?!  Well let me tell you when I cleaned my shower this morning it turned out to be the BEST bathroom cleaner I have ever used!  And I think I have used them ALL trying to find one that actually cleans.  Not only did it clean great it cleaned the left over residue from previous cleaners!  I think I am stocking up on this product.  The only negative I can see is it has a strong smell (it goes away VERY quickly) so while you're doing the actual cleaning I would keep small kids and pets out of the bathroom.  Now price wise it is a great deal.  The bathroom cleaners at Walmart range from $1.97-$3.48.  And most of them don't give you as much cleaner!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Sometimes I am over whelmed by my awesomeness.  I mean I try to be awesome everyday but today I feel like I really hit the nail on the head.  I was an awesome babysitter with no major fights and everyone's diaper clean all morning, AND the kids even cleaned the room with no complaints!  I then took my awesomeness to the dollar tree to pick up a few things.  In May for relief society we are going to be talking about saving money (and making laundry detergent).  So at the dollar tree I bought some thing I normally wouldn't buy there.  Then I went to Walmart to compare some of the prices.  In my awesomeness at Walmart I even bought Trent some new socks!  Anyways by buying the few things I bought at the dollar tree I saved myself $7!!!!!!!!!!!!  That was on four items.  At Walmart I also found some drawer organizers and cleaned out the catch all drawers.  In relief society enrichment we are going to have a craft corner every month where people can show easy, cheap, super cute crafts to make our homes and our lives easier.  This month I made this awesome wreath for the door.  It didn't even cost me FIVE BUCKS!!!!!!!!!  The wreath was from michaels for $2, the ribbon dollar tree, the bunny dollar tree and the plastic eggs I had.  So now my awesomeness is needed to play tic tac toe with Brooklyn.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The professional weight loss clinic

So yesterday I had an appointment at the clinic with a nutritionist.  I went in got my height/ weight checked.  Was given a kind of cheesy cookbook and was told to sit and wait for the Dr.  The girls were with me and being fairly good so that was nice and i didn't have to wait long.  The funny thing is there were more men then women waiting!!  So anyways I get in to see the Dr and he immediately starts talking about writing me a prescription for an appetite suppressant.  WTF! (excuse the language).  I told him I don't over eat and I am very active but haven't been able to loose anything since Sophia was born.  I brought him a copy of some of my food journal so he could tell me where I need to improve.  I need more protein and less carbohydrates.  They are probably very helpful for some people but not so much for me.  If I hadn't been prepared with my own questions I wold have been sent out the door empty handed. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today I am going to a nutritionist. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

here comes mrs. peter cotton tail

Did you know if you called Peter Cotton tails wife he will send his wife to hide eggs at grandparents houses early?  Well he does and the girls had a great time finding eggs on saturday morning.  We had a great time in vidalia this weekend.  we got to get to know jess better, i spent way to much at kellys kids, and we ate some awesome food.  now it's time to relax!