Saturday, August 7, 2010

no more excuses

As some of you guys know Trent sand I love to work out.  You can't really tell right now but we do have a bowflex and a treadmill in our garage.  We decided since Sophia is sleeping in a toddler bed to put the girls into one room, one bed.  Now Sophia's old room will house our work out gear and my sewing stuff.  I feel a little selfish for taking over this space but with this heat we cant work out outside.  And when I am working on  sewing project I can't really leave it out everywhere around the house.  Now last night was the girls first night in the same bed.  Sophia had a hard time with it.  It took her along time crying and me laying with them and some melatonin before she finally fell asleep.  Tonight there hasn't been as much crying but she has gotten up a million times.  They aren't asleep but they are quietly looking at books, I'll take that.  This week I have a quilt to make and two cake orders, one of the is a $100 cake!  So a lot to do.  I need to go and organize myself so I can get it all done.

On another note granny still isn't doing well.  Actually she is a lot worse.  Keep her in your prayers

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PapaJeff said...

I hope the girls settle down to sharing the room. Ad when you and Trent work out, each of you do an extra 15 minutes for me and I'll be covered!!!