Wednesday, August 4, 2010

let me catch you up to date

While the girls play nicely and watch tv in the bed room I am listing some stuff on ebay for Devin.  I figured since it is taking me FOREVER to load pictures I would take a minute to update everyone with what is going on in out life. 
Trent's car is in the shop again.  Ugh, but fixing it is cheaper then buying something else.
Trent's granny is sick.  I mean very very sick.  She was here in Baton Rouge and even in her extremely bad health she was moved to Biloxi to a V.A. hospital.  She was moved on Monday morning.  Come to find out that it's not a "you go there to dye in peace hospital" but a rehab hospital.  now don't get me wrong I don't want her to die and I don"t know when she will but now she is all by herself.  Sigh  it makes me sad.  With the girls I haven't been able to help very much which also makes me sad.  The whole situation is just sad.
On top of that Trent (and everyone else at his work) are working a required 60 hours a week until the middle of September when this HUGE project is finished.  Sometimes I wish he were hourly but since he is salary hopefully we will have some bonus checks in the mail for this extra work.
Back to ebay.

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