Friday, August 13, 2010

The candy man can

So this week has been kind of busy.  I made two cakes and this memory quilt start to finish!  I love how the quilt turned out.  It is going to be a 50th wedding anniversary gift for my friends parents.  I'm sure you can guess if you look at the pictures!

Thursday I had my yearly check up at the gynecologist.  I know I know too much info but I feel like sharing it.  Turns out my cervix has a really bad infection that I have probably had for a few months.  The Dr. said it might even be the reason for some of the other problems I have been having.  I have to take some antibiotics and see him back in a few weeks so he can see if it has gotten better.  I sure hope they have because I am tired of not feeling 100% ever. 

On another note Sophia and Brooklyn have been doing great sharing a room/bed.  The only time there is any problem is when Sophia is napping and Brooklyn wants to play.  She is even getting better at bringing out some toys before sis lays down.  Sophia is defiantly head strong.  She outgrew ALL of her shoes within a weeks time.  So I went to wm to get her some sandals to last the rest of the summer.  We left with Buzz Lightyear boy flip flops.  She loves those shoes.  She wears them around the house all day and I have even found her cuddling with them at night!  She is also starting to make more word sounds instead of just sounds.  Not full words yet but we can sort of better understand her.  Especially when she says NO!  My girls are growing up way to fast.

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PapaJeff said...

Really nice work, JB. Keep it up. I really llike the quilt, too.

I'm glad to hear that Sophia is settling down in the new room and sleeping arrangements.