Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bee Prepared

The Prophet Gordon B Hinkley had this list of things we needed to be.  Most of the time when it was taught about we would use cute little bees to represent the be's.  I had no idea that the "be prepared" would one day for me literally mean "bee prepared".  Yesterday after the library I loaded up my kids are two more in my car when Sophia started screaming.  I looked back and noticed a BEE WAS STUCK IN HER FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I freaked out a little and rushed to get it out.  I had to get my pocket knife out to dig out the stinger.  No one in the parking lot had a cigeratte to put on it.  I called R in some what of a panic and she told me toothpaste.  I rushed to wm (on the way I called her dr just to see what to look for in case she was allergic), I threw all the kids in the buggy, litterly ran inside straight to the toothpaste.  Like a mad woman I tore open the box and lathered her finger with it.  She almost instantly stopped crying and fell asleep.  phew one disaster saved I think.  So now I have a travel size toothpaste in my purse just incase that happens again.  Knowing sis it probably will!

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