Tuesday, August 24, 2010

by saturday

My birthday is Saturday.   My present to myself is to be 159lbs.  I weighed myself this morning at 160.8.  It is very doable.  I have been trying very hard and counting calories like crazy.  I even get online and have printed out nutritional information to some of our most visited restaurants so I can pick the healthiest thing on the menu or can plan the rest of my day accordingly.  I haven't been in the 150's since I got pregnant with Sophia.  I have only been  able to loose 4 lbs since she was born so getting into the 150's even if it is 159 is a big deal to me.  We'll see how it goes!


PapaJeff said...

Good luck with it, JB! Saturday is fast approaching!

Jessica said...

good luck!

Kristi said...

Good luck! I admire your determination and commitment with your weight goals!