Saturday, May 1, 2010

The rest of the story (so far)

So about 5:15 last night Sophias dr finally calls.  His nurse says it's a fractured arm and i need to take her to OLOL emergency room right away.  By now it has been a complete 24 hours since she fell.  So I load her up, Trent stays with Brooklyn and Mrs. Murl leaves to meet me there.  We get there a check in right away.  I maybe waited 10 minutes to go to the back.  Right when I was going back the flood gates open and people poured in with their kids.  We were at the pediatric ER.  We get back to our room and get settled in.  They come and do an XRAY.  We go back to our room near the nurses station and get settled in again.  Then they ask us if we would move to another room because they needed to put someone they are having trouble with in there.  (when we left I noticed a security guard camped outside that door.  I guess those nurses and Dr's don't mess around)  So anyways we are moved to the end of the hall.  They had to clean linens and extra stuff out of the room before we could go inside.  Not a big deal.  Sometime later they come in and tell us her arm is BROKEN!  What!!!!  She certainly hasn't been acting like it is broken.  Every now and then she would touch it and say ow during the day but she was playing and her normal self.  Just cried a little when you touched it.  So anyways we now know it is broken and they want to do more xrays.  That happens and they come and put her in a sling (that didn't stay on long).  The on-call dr calls the on-call orthopedic surgen.  He doesn't want to see her tonight but monday morning he wants her to come in to decide if it should stay wrapped like it is, surgury, or a cast.  We got home about 8:45 and Sophia ate some chips and played some by nine she went to sleep.  I'll post some pictures later.  I think I might get a slim point and shoot camera to carry around with me.  Last night I was wishing I had one.  Everything that was going on was sad but she sure looked cute!

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