Thursday, May 6, 2010


My mothers day gift to me!  I know I dont have four kids.  They are all of our birthstones.  I thought it looked weird with just two "eggs".  I saw it on an etsy shop and thought it was so cute. 
Brooklyn helping Sophia
I tried to get all of us into the shot.  So Tuesday I took Sophia to the orthopedic surgeon.  He said her arm is doing great and no cast or surgery needed!  We will keep it wrapped with the ace bandage until next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then after that we have to find a way to keep it in the sling until we go back at the end of the month.  The Dr said that if she wouldn't keep it in the sling that was OK to, but I would feel better having it slinged (I know that's not even a word).

On another note after next week we wont be seeing Trent that much.  They got a huge project and will be working Saturdays and Sunday's for awhile.  We are glad for the work but miss him being at home, at least on weekends!

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PapaJeff said...

Good pictures of my gorgeous girls! The little ones are so cute with their pigtails - just like their Mama and Aunt Jessie when they were little:).