Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our first family vacation day one and two

We decided about two weeks ago to go to Gulf Shores.  So we gathered as much money as we could, made last minute reservations and were off!  Now this was our first ever as a family vacation so Trent had no idea what it was like to travel with kids, well a toddler.  Everyone knows it's ruff.  Lots of crying, and tiredness.  No naps, and a million diapers.  The drive up wasn't to bad but when we got to "the Best (worst) Western On The Beach" our room wasn't ready.  So we decided to run to walmart and get stuff for our lunches.  We ate lunch and breakfast in our room.  I am thinking by doing that we saved at least $80!  We still had time so a baskin robbins stop was in order.  Let me say that was yummy!  I had a blueberry cheese cake that was delicious!  The BR was so cute to.  It had kid sized chair and tables for the girls.  So we went back the the hotel and checked in.  We went up to our room and was greatly disappointed!  Definitely not as advertised.  What sucked the worst was I went to use the laundry room.  It was out of service.  We had to go to a laundry mat!  Anyways Sunday night we went and ate at this place called The Hangout.  The food wasn't great, and it was really expensive.  But there was this awesome fan that was the whole size of the room and out side was a giant sand pit for the kids and live music!  We decided to go swimming after wards.  The hotel had a small pool for the kids that after a few minutes they warmed up to it and had a blast.  We came back to our room and had to figure out sleeping arrangements.  Sophia and I ended up sharing a bed and Trent and Brooklyn bunked up.  Sophia was slightly hard to get to sleep.  We usually puit her in her room and shut the door but you cant really do that in a hotel.  We ALL were asleep by eight! I would say day one was a success.   Monday morning came with a trip out to the tanger in Foley.  More window shopping then anything.  Next time we come (in October) we're budgeting in shopping!  On the way back to the hotel for lunch we stopped by The Track to ride go carts.  Brooklyn was freaking out scared and sis was to short so Trent rode some alone.  I rode this big two story wooden one with Brooklyn.  More she was kicking and screaming she didn't want to but I told her I would buy her a toy.  She Quietly freaked out the whole ride and kept asking when was the ride over!  It was hilarious.  Shes scarred for life, but we got a good laugh.  We left there and went back for lunch and quiet time.  You have to love quiet time.  When it was over we went down to the gulf to play in the sand and watch Trent play in the gulf.  Then more swimming int he pool.  We cleaned up and headed back to Foley to eat at Lamberts.  Yummy.  The best part is the extras they walk around with,  Rolls, mac and cheese, fried potatoes and onions, fried okra, apple butter molasses, and much more!  They also walk around with these little pranks.  One is a rat in a box, there was also a coke pitches that they would pretend to spill.  The weirdest thing there is they accept cash and check only!  Crazy huh?  Then back to the hotel for some much needed sleep!  Day two a success.


PapaJeff said...

I'd definitely classify that as a success. I'm jealous. Maybe on one of our trips Mama and I can stop somewhere and just take it easy. The girls will get easier to travel with as time goes on. Then they'll turn into teenagers :).

Jenn said...

Looks like yall had a blast! So happy yall could go, how fun! I love the beach :)