Thursday, May 20, 2010

i'm on vacation

not really but i don't have the girls all day today.  Last night Trent and I went to Star Wars Live!  It was awesome.  The music was beyond awesome.  And the coolest part was the guy who played C3PO, Anthony Daniels, was there and was the narrator!  I'm glad we went.  Before the music even started in the hallways were some of the original costumes and props.  Some were very cool and some looked like a toy i would buy the girls from walmart.  We didn't get any pics except on Trent's phone.  They asked no flash photography so we left our big camera at home. 
So before all of that Trent and I packed up the girls and dropped them off al Mrs. Murl's house where they are both going to have a sleep over.  I also got to wear my new outfit last night, including new shoes!  I am not really a shopper so it took me forever to buy something.  So anyways after dropping the girls off we went to pf changs.  It was great being able to eat my food without having to share!
So this morning Trent has left for work and I am planning my kid-free day.  I plan on scrubbing down the house, then running some errands, then maybe taking a nap?  Trent will get the girls after work so they won't be home till 6 or 6:30 or later!  I have all day of no crying or anything.  So I count this as my vacation.

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