Monday, May 17, 2010

this past weekend

This past weekend we went to natchez and vidalia.  I went up for one of my moms cake classes.  The girls came to stay with my brother.  They had a blast with him.  Sophia is growing so much.  We used to put her in this baby doll stroller and she fit.  not so much any more!  Her 19 month stats were 30 lbs and 33 inches tall!!!!
My sister also flew down for the class.  It was a blast spending time with her!  I seriously count down for when she comes to visit.  I love this lady.
I'm deep in thought!
My mom in action.  There were people from new york and boston and georgia and flordia at this class!  My mom is a super star!  And shes a great teacher.  I loved the class because I got to spent alot of time helping people with the program and everything.  Made me feel important!

Now we're back home and getting ready for vacation.  This wednesday Trent and I are going to a Star Wars musical, so I need a shirt for that.  Next Sunday we are leaving for Gulf Shores.  We'll come back on Wednesday for Sophia's dr appointment.  Friday we'll  leave again for Texas to visit Jeff and Alisa.  It's funny it will take a week to get ready for all this and a week after vacations to settle back in.  It's going to be a long three weeks then!

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