Friday, March 2, 2012

Read Across America

Today is Read Across America.  It is also Dr. Seuss's Birthday!  Brooklyn's school is celebrating read across America by all reading D.r Seuss books today.  I looked everywhere for a Seuss shirt but was not successful.  Brooklyn was okay with me making her a dress to match the Cat in the Hat's hat.  I personally think it turned out adorable!  She loves it and asked for another dress in the style.  I personally love to read.  So do the girls.  They love to read so much when the book store in the mall closed, they actually cried, very loudly.  Good thing the store was located in the outside shopping area.    I used to love when Grandma Burke would send us a box of books.  A new adventure and friend on every page.  Some I could read myself, some Jessie would read to me, or momma, or who ever I could convince.  I remember Jessie reading the box cart children books in Leesville and then we would all go outside and play out the stories she would tell us. I hope the girls continue to love reading as much as I do.  All I can do is encourage them and hope it sticks! 


Jill Britt said...

Love that last picture of Sophia!

PapaJeff said...

I hope the reading sticks, too! All four of you loved your books, and still do, I think.

Your example will make the difference.

Jessica said...

The Box Car Children re-enactments were so fun.
Did you know Lori is on FB?