Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love a remake

The top picture is of a dress that one of Trent's friends gave the girls.  Brooklyn instantly fell in love with it.  The only problem was it was a strapless number in a jrs size small.  Not exactly going to fit.  I took apart the top and remade it with some straps and took in the bottom a little.  Without much effort she now has a super cute new dress!

So on a totally different topic lets discuss cleaning.  I was reading an artical about how to clean faster and more efficiently.  One point that was made was to do all the same thing at once.  Example, vacuum all of the carpets and rugs in your house, then dust all of the rooms, etc.  I thought I would try this today when I cleaned Mrs. Murls house.  Surprisingly it worked.  It usually takes me around 3 hours to clean everything.  Today I was finished in a little over two hours!  (I promise I didn't skimp on anything either)  I'm not really sure why it was faster doing it that way but it was.  Maybe because there wasn't the break time of moving all the cleaners from one room to another.  Whatever the reason I'm sold!

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