Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brooklyn's Zoo Trip

Brooklyn's school had a field trip to the zoo sometime in Feb.  Brooklyn was super excited to get to ride the bus.  I was a little disappointed because we left late so we didn't get much time there.  It was also hot.  We were there maybe five minutes before everyone started sweating.  After the zoo we went down the street to a nice park so the kids could have lunch and play.  That is where this picture was taken.  Before we went into the zoo it looked like it was going to start raining so I left the camera in the car.  Sunny skies the whole time.  At the park I decided to get the camera out.  Not five minutes after we got there the clouds got dark and it started sprinkling.  I snapped a quick picture then ran to put the camera up.  The rain didn't stop the kids from playing though!  Brooklyn has grown so much in this past year.  I feel that Head Start has truly been a blessing for her.  I registered her for kindergarten yesterday.  I think without her going to school this past year she might not have been emotionally ready.  I am crossing my fingers that Sophia can get into Head start.  It is a great program and the perfect transition from being home to real school.  It am so proud of my girls with everything they are learning and doing. 

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