Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Lion King March 17th, 2012

Last weekend it finally arrived!  The date for The Lion King.  We bought tickets when it was first put on sale months and months ago.  The day finally came so we dropped off the kids and headed to New Orleans.  When we arrived (two hours early) we went ahead and parked and pulled up restaurants in walking distance.  We picked on and headed off.  I had wanted to look nice so I wore some shoes with wedges on them.  Comfortable but not that practical for walking long distances in N.O.  Luckily the places wasn't too far.  However on the way I was looking at the gps and not where I was walking and tripped on an uneven piece of sidewalk.  Everything went flying.  Luckily nothing was broken, including myself.  I did get a nasty scrap on my knee and my shoes are ruined!  We ended up eating at the closest place we could find so I could check myself better.  Add a scrape and bruise on my palm.  After our very delicious lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches we headed to the theater and got our seats.  We had nice box seats.  The show was amazing.  Thats completely an understatement but there is really no words to describe it.  Definitely recommended.  We are hoping to go to Mary Poppins around Christmas and Wicked next year.  Anyone want to come with us?

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