Friday, April 8, 2011


Sometimes I am over whelmed by my awesomeness.  I mean I try to be awesome everyday but today I feel like I really hit the nail on the head.  I was an awesome babysitter with no major fights and everyone's diaper clean all morning, AND the kids even cleaned the room with no complaints!  I then took my awesomeness to the dollar tree to pick up a few things.  In May for relief society we are going to be talking about saving money (and making laundry detergent).  So at the dollar tree I bought some thing I normally wouldn't buy there.  Then I went to Walmart to compare some of the prices.  In my awesomeness at Walmart I even bought Trent some new socks!  Anyways by buying the few things I bought at the dollar tree I saved myself $7!!!!!!!!!!!!  That was on four items.  At Walmart I also found some drawer organizers and cleaned out the catch all drawers.  In relief society enrichment we are going to have a craft corner every month where people can show easy, cheap, super cute crafts to make our homes and our lives easier.  This month I made this awesome wreath for the door.  It didn't even cost me FIVE BUCKS!!!!!!!!!  The wreath was from michaels for $2, the ribbon dollar tree, the bunny dollar tree and the plastic eggs I had.  So now my awesomeness is needed to play tic tac toe with Brooklyn.


Jess said...

VERY cute! When you do the detergent thing, I'd like a tutorial, please!

Jessica said...

my biggest suggestion for money saving tips: