Thursday, April 7, 2011

The professional weight loss clinic

So yesterday I had an appointment at the clinic with a nutritionist.  I went in got my height/ weight checked.  Was given a kind of cheesy cookbook and was told to sit and wait for the Dr.  The girls were with me and being fairly good so that was nice and i didn't have to wait long.  The funny thing is there were more men then women waiting!!  So anyways I get in to see the Dr and he immediately starts talking about writing me a prescription for an appetite suppressant.  WTF! (excuse the language).  I told him I don't over eat and I am very active but haven't been able to loose anything since Sophia was born.  I brought him a copy of some of my food journal so he could tell me where I need to improve.  I need more protein and less carbohydrates.  They are probably very helpful for some people but not so much for me.  If I hadn't been prepared with my own questions I wold have been sent out the door empty handed. 

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