Saturday, April 9, 2011


 You might be wondering why this product is on here.  It's because I was so impressed with it.  For May we are doing a money saving maddness and I want to have a list of some money saving products.  This bathroom cleaner was bought at the Dollar Tree.  I kind of laughed when I saw it.  I thought "if it has to say it's LA's TOTALLY AWESOME" it can't really be that great right?!  Well let me tell you when I cleaned my shower this morning it turned out to be the BEST bathroom cleaner I have ever used!  And I think I have used them ALL trying to find one that actually cleans.  Not only did it clean great it cleaned the left over residue from previous cleaners!  I think I am stocking up on this product.  The only negative I can see is it has a strong smell (it goes away VERY quickly) so while you're doing the actual cleaning I would keep small kids and pets out of the bathroom.  Now price wise it is a great deal.  The bathroom cleaners at Walmart range from $1.97-$3.48.  And most of them don't give you as much cleaner!

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