Saturday, April 9, 2011

food saver

On march 24th I ordered a hose attachment and jar sealer from for $20.49.  I waited and waited and it never came.  I called them today to find out what was going on.  One of the products I ordered had been canceled!  So for my troubles they reordered both items.  They only charged me $3 for the attachment hose!  The jar sealer and shipping are free for my troubles!  That made my day and what a great company and customer service!  They are even going to ship them separate so I can go ahead and get the hose.  The jar sealer in on back order so it might take up to two or three weeks to get.  That gives me plenty of time to get mason jars.  Again part of Mays money saving madness I am going to go to some places like good will and see if i can find any jars.  As long as you use new lids to seal the jars it doesn't matter if the jars have been used before or not!

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Jess said...

Check out like craigs list and other online listing places. Sometimes you can find good stuff.