Thursday, June 4, 2009


today started like any other. kids awake, trents going to work. he goes outside and starts his car. it starts. then sound like someone shook a cat and threw it under the hood. great huh! we're going to see if try can fix whatever is wrong. it didn't make any weird noises or anything to let us know it was going to break down. so trent took my car. i can't grocery shop today so supper should be REAL interesting.
brooklyn was a monster to put down for a nap.
sophia threw up cherrios all over me. i smell awful.
i made a bed skirt for my neighbors grandson.
did laundry.
put up a new curtain rod in brooklyns room. i still need to touch up from the old one.
now i get to write out bills. maybe tonight we'll go out to taco bell or somewhere. friday please come. i love you.


Jessica said...

That sucks about Trents car. I hope it is fixed easily.
I love your new header picture.

Brandon and Jennie said...

What a day? Sorry! Wyatt puked on me today, from head to toe. was in my shoes. Oh, and I was at work so I had to wear nasty clothes all day.

PapaJeff said...

Typical Mommie day, sounds like. I love the pictures from the house. SUmmer fun:)

Kristi said...

I guess that's something I get to look forward to one day. Baby puke!!! Yay!

But it's Friday now! Yay!