Thursday, June 25, 2009

nine months and counting

spagettie day
trents fathers day tie brooklyn made him
tomorow sophia will be nine months old. can you believe it's been that long! shes 29 inches and 22lbs. she has 2 teeth and four on the way. she's all table food and goes a million miles a minute. i also just painted her bedroom. it's so pretty. i am not going to post pics till i get her prints for the walls hung, so it might be awhile. i still have to buy picture frames (you can help buy them if you like). She has been so much for me us and brooklyn. what a blessing she is.


PapaJeff said...

Psketti day looks like lots of fun! Sort of like some pictures I have of Jessie as a baby. Sweet girls (all 3)! :)

Lisa & Aaron said...

Ok, Whoa! I thought you were prego again with that post title! lol Cute pics!