Thursday, May 28, 2009

too much

to much has happened since i have last blogged to catch up on it all. so here is the short version. kristen came to visit, she looks amazing. we went to the beach had a blast. trent got sick, i was sick, kristen is now sick. the girls traveled well. brooklyn is completelt potty trained 99% of the time. no accidents in public. i have decieded to start jump roping for cardio. 10 minutes of jump roping burns 135 calories. let me tell you my friends it is not easy. i did figure out because i am shorter i can jump rope in the house. which is good because i can leave it on the table and pick it up when the kids are playing or napping, or when they are in bed. i can still jump and spend tme with trent. 140lbs here i come!!! i am 159 as of this morning.


PapaJeff said...

Great!! Keep up the good work and you'll get there:)

Jamie said...

That is a lot of stuff. : ) Sounds like y'all have been having some fun!