Monday, June 8, 2009

the good, the bad, and the ugly

today after working out and going on a walk i told brooklyn that after i showered and fed sophia breakfast we would go and play in the sprinkler. she said o.k. and went into her room to play. when got out of the shower brooklyn came in and said "brooklyn feed sophia breakfast", i didn't think any more of it until i came in the kitchen and saw this (look at pictures). brooklyn had gotten into the cabinet and gave sophia a bag of chocolate pop tarts!! all over her and the floor and she ate tons of it. sophia loved the pop tart. she loves table food to the point that i hardly give her baby food anymore.

now for the bad part. my neighbor came overe when i was outside with the kids and told me someone on the middle street was ARRESTED FOR CHILD MOLESTION THIS PAST SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!! i guess you never know who your neighbors are, and watch your kids closely.


Lisa & Aaron said...

Yeah, Sophia sure looks like she's enjoying that chocolate pop tart! lol

And SCARY!! Glad they got arrested though. Watch those girls!

Jessica said...

Yep...fences make good neighbors and so do pad locks on those fences :)