Thursday, June 18, 2009

i almost walked away

quicksilver, my p arents new kitty
daddy and sophia passed out watching the tigers

i can take my kids anywhere is what i usually tell people. today brooklyn and sophia were so bad in walmart i could imagine myself putting them both in the buggy and walking away. i mean i would have come back for them in an hour, o.k. maybe two, but i would have come back. they have NEVER been like that in public or at home. i can see it on the news now "mom needs a break and drops her kids off at walmart, now arrsted for child abandonment". i of course played it off and went on with my shopping. when we got to the car brooklyn got a spanking and i got some sanity back. home for lunch and naps. now peace and quiet for a short time.

now for the picture above. i was in the shower and heard something in the kitchen. i came out to find brooklyn cleaverly trying to get into the animal crackers. when she figured out she was busted she laid her head down to pretend to be asleep! never a dull moment here.


Jamie said...

LOL! She was pretending to be asleep - classic!

Kristen said...

I love it!!! I sure do miss those two cuties....and you of course.

Jessica said...

I laughed so much at that last pic. and explanation. That is so funny.
Jeni, we all have those "these are not my children" days. Trust me...I've had quite a few this summer. Remember, tomorrow is another day and a fresh start.
Love you!

Jessica said...

Oh, and how did you make those tools? They are so cool!

Mistelle said...

That is so cute...I am sure I will have moments like that one day.

Mistelle said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. The Father's Day and Bday cakes were wonderful. I have a baby shower for my cousin coming up in August, I may need your services....still waiting on the party planner the go ahead of the cake arrangements. Hope you can help?!