Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sunday Brooklyn was playing in the gym at church and tripped, and landed funny on her head/neck.  She wasn't crying or anything she just said her neck hurt.  When we got home she laid down and napped some.  The rest of the night she stayed really still crying every time she moved her neck or someone jarred her.  Monday morning when she woke up she couldn't even get herself out of bed her neck hurt so bad.  So off to the Dr we went.  Dr. Gesn didn't see and external swelling or bruising so off to get some x-rays taken.  They x-ray did not show anything wrong with her vertebrate but it did have a dark spot on the the radiologist was going to check out for us.  The x-ray did show some internal swelling from an internal bruise.  I have to give her regular ibuprofen every six hours for a week, keep her as quiet as possible and keep her from favoring one side of her neck.  When we were leaving the Dr.'s office Gesn said someone would call after the x-ray was looked at further.  Not even 20 minutes later Dr. Gesn herself called me to tell me the dark spot was fine it was just some bruising.  What a relief that was to hear!  That is one of the many reasons I love that Dr.  She really does care about my kiddos.  Brooklyn woke up this morning feeling as good as gold but I still have to keep her as quiet as I can so the swelling and bruising inside can go down.  So no water play today.  Just a quiet movie day.

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