Monday, May 16, 2011

Yeup, Yeup, Yeup

So I wanted to post like a million times last week, but never found time to so I'm skipping it and starting fresh today.  Well I'll go back to friday.  I weighed myself at 154!!!  Down 13 lbs total and I have lost 1.5 inches in my waist.  I am very excited about this.  It's how much I weighed when Trent and I got married!  I think I am still in a little disbelief.  It has taken my 2.5 years to loose and weight no matter what I did and now that I am its hard to grasp.  I still at times feel very uncomfortable with myself.  I have always felt like that so its probably something I am going to feel off and on forever.  I am very proud that I can say Ive been married 5+ years, have two kids, and I weigh almost 15 lbs less then high school!  Not many can have that to brag about.  Well maybe not brag but I am extremely happy about it.
I don't have an end weight set as a goal but I do want to loose 4 more lbs before my next dr appointment in the first week of June.

As of Wednesday of last week Sophia ran out of diapers and has been in panties.  Shes done extremely well waking up dry in the mornings and after naps.  Shes not had to many accidents.  I think in no time she'll be going on her own all the time.  I think in my dream last night I kept saying "do you have to potty?, Let me know if you do"  I was a very annoying broken record!  But what we are doing seems to work so I'm going to keep it up!

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