Thursday, May 5, 2011

The easiest skirt ever tutorial for jessie

 This is the same style of skirt just with a cuff and belt.  I made the cupcake shirt with coordinating fabrics to match.  Brooklyn wears it all the time.  It took me start to finish 20 minutes with the girls interrupting.
 First you'll need a rectangular piece of fabric what ever length you want.  Brooklyn's is 14 in and Sophia's is 10 in.  That was literally all of that fabric i had left over from another project.
  Serge the only seam together.  That will be your back seam.  Serge around top and bottom.
 Fold top over the width of you elastic-sew-add elastic.  Hymn bottom.  Press if you want.  If you want the skirt to be fuller just use two rectangles.  I keep each piece as wide and the width of the fabric.
 The finish product at our fashion show.

So while I was sewing my girls skirt a knock on the door happened.  It was the fed ex guy with some flowers from my parents for mother day!!!!  Thanks momma and daddy, I love you!

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