Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

 Watering the plants for me.

The beginning of this week I randomly thought "I need to grill Friday.  I should call Melissa".  So I called and they came over.  Friday morning I realized it was Memorial day weekend, so even better.  I ended up grilling LSU Burgers (that's seriously the brand), and corn.  The corn came out pretty awesome.  I partially shucked it and got most of the silk off.  Then I recovered it in the husks and soaked it in cool water for like 20 minutes or so.  When the charcoal was ready I placed it on the grill next to the burgers and closed the lid.  With the husks being wet the steamed the corn.  Let me say it was awesome!  Brooklyn ate two huge pieces herself and Saturday asked if we had anymore!  We also had an oreo cake that was beyond awesome!  Everyone ate more then 1 piece.  After supper the kiddo went outside to play in the water.  Beryl gave us some clothes for Brooklyn and in that bag were two swimsuit,  Sophia has decided that all of Brooklyn's swimsuits are way better then hers.  That is why the ones in the ones in the picture are falling off of her.  On Saturday she got so aggravated pulling up the bottoms she ended up naked.  Anyways back to Friday.  The kids played so well together.  The girls just love to play with Garret.  They talked about him all Friday wondering how much longer till he got there.  When it was getting dark and the kids came in to get dressed they went back to Brooklyn's room and shut the door.  It was so quiet I went to peek in on them.  They were playing primary!  My girls love to take turns saying the prayer and Brooklyn will conduct Sophia in singing time.  It is so cute.  I shut the door and let them play.  Later Garret and Sophia ended up in Sophia's room.  I kept hearing from her "Come on Garret you can sleep in my bed."  The tv was on and I think she was trying to get him to come lay down and watch with her.  It really was to funny.  Saturday after nap the girls ended up back in the pool where sis kept watering the plants and eventually ended up in the nude on the swing set!  It has certainly been a fun weekend..... So far.
Sunday at church the kids are playing guess who in primary.  Trent was asked to be the mystery person so Saturday night I remembered and went to work on his costume.  He is supposed to be King Abraham.  With remembering last minute I worked with what I had.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I wonder if the kids will even come close to guessing!
This past week I have been working more on my smocking stitches.  I have no idea why it has taken me almost 5 years to do more then the basic diamond.  But I now know how to do basic pictures, basic letters, and the bullion stitch.  I am so excited about the bullion stitch because you can make the cutest flowers with them.  My favorite style of smocked dress for my girls size is the basic square yoke (with the cute collar) but my pattern only goes up to a five which is to small for Brooklyn.  I need to now sit down and figure out how to make that pattern bigger so I can smock away for her.  I can't really do to much of that until I get some more needles for the pleater.  They are a little pricey as needles go so now that I'm not doing extra jobs anymore they need to be budgeted in.  I'll definitely have them by Justin's wedding.  I'm going to make the girls the most precious smocked dresses.  On the smocked part I am going to do the word LOVE all fancy and do cute bullion roses around it.  I saw it in a picture and it was perfect.  Hobby Lobby even has this kind of off white and dusty rose fabric with flowers on it that will be perfect.  I can't wait to get started on them!
Wow I do have some more to say but I'll cut it short.  This ended up being a long post!

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