Monday, April 19, 2010


Saturday we were all very busy.  We had ordered the stuff to get busy on our fence.  While they worked on that I went to Home Depot and bought this covering.  I put it together all by myself (I did need help to lift the top on though).  I am going to clean up under it and put together the furniture.  I cant wait for the finished look.
Here are a few pics of the post they set.  It was Trent, mr. Cliff, and the missionaries working on it.  I was surprised that the missionaries were as much help as they were.  Not knocking them but they are kinda small guys, they were a big help.  Trent and his dad worked so hard.  I definitely don't think they will be quitting their desk jobs any time soon!  I think Mrs. Murl had the big job of all.  She wrangled the kids all day!


Jessica said...

It's really coming together! It is going to look so nice.

PapaJeff said...

Looks good!