Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I thought my head was going to explode

Today I have a headache.  Not a small one but when I was out this morning I thought I was going to pass out from every noise sounding like It was an explosion.  I had to take Sophia to get her shots today.  Oh wait, that didn't happen.  She has fluid on her ears and is congested so we have to come back in 10 day to try again.  Anyways we finally get home.  The girls are fighting the lights are killing me and I heard a boom boom boom  knock on the door.  I open it and find this:
 What could it be?!  We were all very excited to see these:
I had won a blog give away and these are the shoes Jessie picked for Brooklyn.  She was very excited to get a new pair of "dancing: shoes.
That is how she does a thumbs up.  She'll get it right one day.  So by this point I think I am going to pass out from my headache so I make the girls go out to play.  I took some pics, y'all enjoy.

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Jessica said...

i was so excited when i heard you won that giveaway...thanks for letting me pick the shoes!