Thursday, January 21, 2010

what a week so far

this week was our first combined FHE.  I think it was a big success.  The girls had fun playing the game and learning how Jesus helps us.  This week we have also been babysitting for the Fuller's.  That handsome little guy is Luke (Loop if you ask Brooklyn).  Well the girls have been extremely good with him.  Sophia is just facinated with him and loves to make him laugh.  She is suprisingly gentle not to touch him to hard or on his face.  Brooklyn likes to play mommie and shows him all sorts of toys and explains how to work them.  We have also been able to play with Lilah.  Last time we babysat the girls weren't getting along very well but this time has been different.  All three of them have been taking turns and sharing.  So far no fussing or fighting.  I think Sophia might have a new best friend!!!

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PapaJeff said...

Those are two sweet girls! Just like their Mama:).